Mini Mission ~ Friday 22Sep2017

Declutter at least one textile item. This could be clothing, linens, towels, rugs, cushions, curtains... and the list goes on. I am continually doing a use it up challenge on yarn by knitting socks for anyone among my family or friends that would like them. Admittedly I am also buying yarn for such projects too but it keeps me amused and I refuse to allow my yarn stash to take up more than one small drawer. Some of my hand knitted socks are made purely from leftovers which helps clear out the drawer and makes for some interesting socks.   Continue reading

Mini Mission ~ Thursday 21Sep2017

Declutter something with type. This could be a book, old newspapers or magazines, paperwork you have been ignoring, those old university papers that are now so out of date that they really are of no use to you, or maybe use up some old notepaper by writing an old fashioned letter to a loved one. I am sure we can all easily find something to fit this category. Continue reading

Mini Mission ~ Wednesday 20Sep2017

Declutter something plant related. This might be something to do with gardening such as a  tool, planter pots, old seeds or potting mix, or maybe just weeds that are making your garden look shabby. It could also be a food item in your pantry that has been lingering for a while such as canned fruit or veggies, grain products or dried fruits. I could do a use it up challenge on some dried fruit for sure. Continue reading

Mini Mission ~ Tuesday 19Sep2017

Declutter something that requires more work than you have time to put into it. This may be a craft project, an item that needs repairing or perhaps a cooking implement that you never use because you just don't have time for cooking fancy recipes. In my case it could be make-up, because I couldn't be bothered with it for the most part but I only own the bare minimum so I will leave it as it is for now and look for something else. Continue reading

Mini Mission ~ Monday 18Sep2017

Declutter something that is metallic, either in colour or construction. It shouldn't be too hard to spot such items at a quick glance and then all you have to do is decide whether you wish to declutter them or not. The kitchen drawers might be a good place to start. Continue reading

Mini Mission – Friday 15Sep2017

Declutter an electronic item. It could be an excess cable or that's second refrigerator that you don't really need. Continue reading

Mini Mission – Thursday 14Sep2017

Declutter a couple of items from a cluttered shelf. Continue reading

Mini Mission – Wednesday 13Sep2017

Declutter somenitems from a cluttered shelf. Continue reading

Mini Mission – Tuesday 12Sep2017

Declutter a couple of a variety of item that you have way to many of. Perhaps books, craft items, tools, souvenirs, keepsakes, jewellery... Continue reading

Mini Mission – Monday 11Sep2017

Declutter, and don't replace, some kind of food item you probably shouldn't be eating on a regular basis. Reserve indulging in such items dividually as a special treat rather than have them on demand in your home. Continue reading