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Day 141 Mind Games

Procrastination is a subject I have touched on probably more than once already as on Day 100 Procrastination-Clutter of the mind. It is a subject worth revisiting on a regular basis because it is a road block that often holds people back from getting things done. One of the biggest problems with procrastination is that you feel like you have put a lot of effort into tackling a job when in actual fact all you have done in exhaust yourself with the mental stain of over thinking the situation and not actually physically doing anything about it. It is a similar problem to taking a day out Continue reading

Day 140 Google your way to recycling

While going on my morning walk today I was outraged to see some of the stuff people have put out on the street for Bulk Waste Collection Day in our neighbourhood. I would rather not dwell on it at the moment because it put me in a rather negative frame of mind and I am trying to get something positive out of it. I will be sure to explain my outrage in an upcoming post just in case I have tweaked your interest. Rather than be negative I decided to get on my computer and Google subjects to see how much information I could find on charities and recycling opportunies in my local area. It was no Continue reading

Day 139 My trusty note book

I may have mentioned before that I have a note book that I use to keep track of things to do. Whether that be decluttering and daily chores, subjects for my blog or duties I intend to get around to eventually. I find it handy to be able to jot down ideas as they come to me because I have a tendency to forget ten minutes later and that is very unproductive. Lately I have had this back-up of eBay stuff to list, mail and await pick-up so I haven't had to do much else to keep up with the one item a day approach so I have been exploring my home finding projects for the upcoming weeks and that is Continue reading

Day 138 Packaging up your eBay sales

Due to our  success on eBay recently you may have noticed that several of my blogs mention a tip or two about selling your clutter this way. I had an interesting question from Carmen which raised a subject I thought was worth  mentioning. Carmen asked:- "Do you have any advice on shipping? The part I stress the most about is being able to find packaging (e.g. boxes) for the stuff I want to sell on eBay. Consequently, I haven’t sold much." What I say to this is       RECYCLE     RECYCLE     RECYCLE Buy the time you have sold the item on eBay you have already paid insertion fees and Continue reading

Day 137 Methods of disposal

Keeping it simple today I thought I might just compile a list of the methods I have used to dispose of the items that I have decluttered. Donate to charity Give to friends Throw in the trash bin Bulk Waste Collection (Explained Yesterday) Curbside Donation (I will explain this one below) Regift Sell on eBay Re-assign (eg. turning gift wrap into eBay packaging) Use up (like excess toiletries products) Curbside Donation explained: We live on a fairly busy road and I have been known to take large items that I no long require out to the footpath in the hope that someone will Continue reading

Day 136 Bulk Waste Collection

In Australia some local councils schedule Bulk Waste Collection days throughout the year so that people can get rid of those larger rubbish items around their homes that won't fit in the garbage bins. This is a free service offered twice a year in each neighbourhood. We receive a flyer in our mailboxes about a month in advance announcing which weekend has been allotted for our neighbourhood to put out our items for collection. This gives us enough time to choose and prepare the items we want to get rid of. Then on our allotted weekend we haul our rubbish out onto the curbbside to be Continue reading

Day 135 Resistance is NOT futile against retail assault

One of the most important lessons I have learned since taking on this challenge of 365 less things is that resisting the temptation from retail assault is not a futile exercise, it can be done. As I have mentioned before I hardly ever go shopping anymore except to buy my groceries and I am fine with that in fact I feel that I have the upper hand in some kind of battle of wills. I did have a little head start or incentive if you like before I made the conscious decision stop spending on things that might ultimately become clutter. After living in the United States for seven years, I just Continue reading

Day 134 My eBay preparations

Today I have been organizing some more items to put on eBay so I thought I would share with you what I do to prepare for this. Decide what I want to sell Check other completed auctions on eBay to see how similar products are performing. Take photos of the items I am selling and download them to my computer- sometimes if it is a like new item I may just download a photo from the Internet or off another same item already selling on eBay. If sizes or measurement are relevant I make a note of those while I am in the photo taking process. I also make a note of any imperfection or other Continue reading

Day 133 Mothers Day Gifts

Mothers Day has come and gone for another year and I am pleased to say that I received wonderful gifts from the heart and no clutter. My son who is a Fine Arts student at university drew a self portrait in ink for me which I have framed and put on the wall beside the collage of photos and drawings her had done previously of his sister. He signed it and finger printed it so that when he is rich and famous I would be able to sell it and make my fortune (Just kidding sort of). My daughter who is late with her gift as usual is putting a book together about me with photos and her feeling on Continue reading

Day 132 Give Away – Throw Away – Sell

Today I am giving you a tally of what has been thrown away, what has been given away and what has been sold on eBay since the beginning of my new years resolution of 365 less things. There is an upside and a downside to this count though. The upside is that most of the items I have uncluttered from my home have either been donated to charity, given to friends or sold on eBay. As I have mentioned before the advantage to this is that they have gone to  new homes where they have the chance of being used to their true potential. The downside is that the reason behind the fact that there has been Continue reading