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Cindy’s Weekly Wisdom – Do You Have Hoarding Tendencies?

Cindy's Weekly Wisdom I'm about half way through the book The Hoarder in You by Dr. Robin Zasio. Dr. Zasio is a psychologist who specializes in anxiety and compulsions with a sub-specialty in hoarding; she is a consultant on the TV program Hoarders. Early in the book, there's a box: Do You Have Hoarding Tendencies? Of course, I answered "no" before I read the checklist. In fact, according to Dr. Zasio, I do have some. Well that's a disappointment. Here is her list along with the paragraph that follows and my answers in blue: Do you have a hard time parting with items, even if you Continue reading

Let gratitude be your guide

On Saturday while writing my gratitude list it occurred to me that one could apply the feeling of gratitude to their decision making process while decluttering. It really is a very simple concept. If the item you are considering doesn't make you feel grateful that you own it then it probably isn't something that you need to keep. There are many reasons to be grateful for things that you own. You might be grateful that an item makes a task easier. You may receive pleasure from the beauty of another item which is also something to be grateful for. Other items may bring you warmth, comfort, joy, Continue reading

Mini Mission Monday ~ Material Possessions

Mini Mission Monday is about finding ten minutes a day to declutter. To make it easy for you, each Monday I set seven declutter missions, one for each day of the week for you to follow. It takes the guess work out of decluttering and makes it easy and "fun" for you to achieve some quick decluttering. After reading today's title you are probably thinking ~ Isn't everything we declutter material possessions ~ and you would be right. When I say material here though I mean fabric. So you guessed it this week's missions are all going to be things made from fabric. Let's see if I can come up with Continue reading

Simple Saturday – Decluttering Without Even Trying

It's time for the change over of seasonal clothes and an opportunity for the simplest decluttering of all: Decluttering without even trying. When you get your clothes out of storage (or, in my case, when I stop using the lower hanging bar [hot weather] and start using the upper hanging bar [cool weather]), turn all the hangers backwards. At the end of the season, anything that is still turned around the wrong way is something you no long wear. Congratulations! You just decluttered your closet without even trying. The Weekends Mini Missions Saturday - Declutter something from your basement, Continue reading

Friday’s Favourites ~ 2Nov2012

On Fridays at 365 Less Things I share with you my favourite comments from my wonderful readers and my favourite web finds of the week. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did. Favourite Comments. Enjoy! Henave has worked out how much easier it is to stay tidy just owning less. Read about it in this comment. I hope Jane was right about this comment. Wendy B has the right routine to avoid early morning panics when she had a job in the city. Read about it here. Jen tells us how she is going to extent the November Challenge right into the new year. She also confirms her reasons for Continue reading

Cindy’s Weekly Wisdom – Procrastination

Cindy's Weekly Wisdom My mother is a famous procrastinator, at least according to my father. He once bought her a t-shirt with a letter printed on it that said, "Ken, I promise to stop procrastinating. Later. -Rosalie." Considering that I think my mother never stops moving and doing, I'm not really sure what he was talking about. Maybe's she's changed over time. I know that in terms of procrastination, I can change from week to week. What I find is that procrastination doesn't save time; it creates work, clutter, and distraction. Obviously we can't do every single thing we think needs to Continue reading