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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Hi again Colleen and Readers! I forgot to mention that individuals may also join TerraCycle. Even if you don’t care about earning points and rebates for charity, you can still send materials for qualifying brigades using the pre-paid shipping labels and keep those materials out of landfills. Being a part of TerraCycle is super simple and rewarding on so many levels!

  2. Hi, Colleen,

    I have been following Teracycle on Facebook for some time as I too hate waste. Some of the links have excellent tips such as using up left-over food ( even discarded vegetable peelings though mine end up in the garden compost). We have local collection points for coffee refill packaging, biscuit wrappers and many others. It’s a way we must all think about moving and charities are the beneficiaries. Thank you for giving them an airing.

  3. Thanks LCM for mentioning TerraCycle – this was new information for me and very interesting. I discovered that our local office supplies store is part of a chain that will take used writing implements of any kind (markers, pens, mechanical pencils – any and all labels), so I’m going to start there – with ours and with those from the office where I work. And I’m going to look further to see what else I can do.

  4. Hi Colleen, I just wanted to know if we have TerraCycle here in Australia and if in Sydney. If the answer is yes then how do we get in touch with them please.