An Invitation to our Travel Blog at Exit Row Seat


Colosseum, Rome Italy

In a guest post on Day 250, my husband discussed our minimalist approach to travel packing and how it helps us enjoy more freedom on vacation. The guest post and our recent trip has inspired him to revive his travel blog at Exit Row Seat, and he is relaunching it this Monday.

Our aim at Exit Row Seat is to create a community of travellers to share travel experiences, and find the very best the world has to offer us.

You can read his launch announcement here where he linked some of his favourite posts from the travel archives. I hope you find some travel inspiration there.

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  1. Sounds fun, Colleen! I do alot of posts at my blog about travel–mostly California, of course. I’m looking forward to reading and sharing at exit row seat.

    • Thanks Willow my husband will be pleased as it is his baby. We love to travel and sharing the experience can be helpful to others who are just dipping there toe into the experience.