Asbestos Awareness Week Apr 1 – 7 2015

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  • The problem is acquiring Clutter is very much about being keener to acquire than to let go. We acquire things we need or want but once their usefulness to us has expired we hang on to them. I feel that there are […]
  • Day 287 The future of 365lessthings I have had the inevitable question posed to me a few times of late; what will happen to 365lessthings once the year is up? All I can say at this point is - you are not getting rid of me […]
  • Day 288 Friday’s Favourite Five My favourite five comments for this week Once again there were so many great comments this week that I had a hard time choosing but here are the five I had to restrict myself to. To […]
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  1. Hi, Colleen. Thanks for the info. I’ll be reading the link over the weekend.