Day 109 The linen closet

When retrieving my vacuum cleaner from the linen closet this week on cleaning day I paid a little attention to the number of towels on the shelves that I really don’t ever use. They were sitting there taking up valuable space simply because they were still in reasonable condition or I thought they might come in handy one day for rags or if some incident happened where I would need to mop up a large spill that I wouldn’t want to put in my washing machine.

After giving it some rational thought I decided three things…

  1. since I have discovered microfiber I would never use lint filled old towels for any cleaning job.
  2. the likelihood of any incident occurring that required such a large mop up other than a pipe bursting (that only contained clean water) was highly unlikely.
  3. I would rather be able to fit the useful towels easily on the shelf than have to cram them in with half a dozen towels that I never use.

So goodbye unused towels, hello to more cupboard space.


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  1. Animal shelters really appreciate those unused towels and blankets to make bedding!
    I have kept 2-3 old towels on hand for plumbing emergencies and have actually used them a few times. they are kept in the garage tho so the linen closet is unclutterred

    • Hi jessiejack, thanks for the tip I imagine the animal shelters could use old blankets and duvets (doonas) too. I did donate the ones I got rid of too but they were still good enough for people to use so I just sent them to the Salvation Army Store.