Day 153 The winter woolies are starting to make an appearance

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  1. Oh, I like that idea–natural progression decluttering! Somewhere, I’m not sue where, I pulled the idea of putting all my hanging clothes backward in the closet. At the end of the season, I will KNOW which clothes I didn’t wear. They will be the ones still hanging on backwards hangers.

    • Willow what a brilliant idea I think that would come under the Natural Progression Decluttering heading. I think I will go and do that now.

  2. Colleen & Willow, I read about the backwards hangers as well and incorporated the idea this past winter with our clothing. It is an easy and effective method to clear out your closet painlessly. This spring when I changed out the winter wardrobe to the summer wardrobe, the clothing on backward facing hangers went into a bag to give away/sell and I hung the summer clothing in the same way. My husband was rather confused about the backwards hangers at first until I explain the method to my madness! Another idea I’ve tried is to use hangers of one color throughout the closet and as the clothes are worn and laundered, the hangers are replaced with a different color. The first idea is much easier and requires fewer hangers.

    • Thanks Di, I will make a post of this in the next couple of days as these ideas often get lost in the endless whirl of blogs etc and sometimes ideas need to be reintroduced.

  3. I share a smallish bedroom closet with my husband, so cannot have all my clothes in it at one time, even after getting rid of nearly half my wardrobe (yikes). But I’ve got a tiny spare closet in my studio where I can keep a lot of things. In the past two years it has ended up working very similarly to the backwards-hanging method. If I don’t bother getting something out of that closet and into the bedroom closet, I often forget I own it, don’t miss it a bit. And then there it goes–right into the Bye Bye bag 🙂

    • Hi Meg,
      what you do sounds like a tip I just read over at Life Hacker. My husbands work clothes are taking up every spare space in our house already. It sounds like I haven't applied much effort to decluttering clothes yet but that isn't the case. He has a job that requires varied clothing depending on what situation he is in so we are stuck with then until he retires. Now there's another good reason to retire soon, I must tell him that.

  4. I thinned out half my closet and then turned all of my hangers backwards. We shall see what gets culled by spring. All of my clothes fit in my closet now so no shifting with the seasons yay!

    • Hi Annie,
      turning the coat hanger backwards was a good tip. I haven’t had to deploy it in my wardrobe though as I am not over supplied with clothes. I have been within a 5kg weight range my entire adult life so things tend to wear out rather than stop fitting or accumulating due to bordom.. Since I wrote this post the only clothes that did get the chop were some black shirts and pants that were too faded to look good at work. When I shop for clothes I have a golden rule, if I don’t love it I don’t buy it. There is less chance of deciding I don’t like it in a months time.


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