Day 172 Less

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. And the LESS time I spend looking for lost items or being distracted by the clutter.

  2. All are excellent points Colleen, and I’m so enjoying these benefits from the decluttering I’ve done so far.

  3. To be grammatically correct (which is less annoying), it should be “fewer” possessions.

    • Under the circumstances, it seems a very valid and appropriate stylistic choice, even though it technically breaks the rules. Substituting “fewer” for “less” in the one or two places where it is technically more correct would break the artistic impact.

      • Yes Alison, being as 365 Less Things is a title there are no real rules governing it. It is like saying the name Allison should only have one L. It could be spelt Allyson and still be correct. I could have called the blog 3 Sixty 5 Less Thangs if I wanted to because as you suggest it is a stylistic choice. But the truth is though that I was not aware of the fact the fewer was better grammar at the time. Thanks for your support though I think I will refer back to it the next time someone finds in necessary to point this out to me.

        • That’s why I said it — I didn’t think the person who wrote it would read my comment (or care about my point if they did), but I knew you would read it and probably appreciate someone sticking up for you, even though it was a long time ago.

          I personally like using “fewer” (most of the time — when I remember), but I know that language changes with usage, and there’s no denying that “less” is now a substitute for “fewer” in common, everyday speech. Just go read Shakespeare and the Canterbury Tales if you think languages are (or can ever be) static!

          Just think — you’re shaping the future of the English language (and thus, someday, literature and grammar as well) when you use a non-standard, “common language” usage. 😀

          Funny, isn’t it?

          • Oh God Allison, now there is a scary thought allowing me to shape the language of the future. It is just as well you can’t hear my accent on top of my grammar mistakes. I had better be more careful in future. 😆 😉

  4. Less is MORE! 😀

  5. Rebecca The Greeniac

    Great list and great blog! I just discovered it!

    You know, I once worked with a woman who actually bought a new house because she needed more room for all of her stuff. She was a single woman living alone in a 3 bedroom house with a full basement, but that apparently wasn’t big enough for her. Oh, it just makes me sad…

    • Hi Rebecca,
      welcome to my blog and thankyou for your comment. Please join in any time. It makes me sad too, once upon a time though it was me who wanted that bigger house but I have learned a lot over the last few years.

  6. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! Thank you. LESS is enlightening.

  7. Thanks for the mention!

    Great idea. Looking forward to reading the rest of the site.

    • Hi Slow Home,
      It is my pleasure. I love what you are doing. Due to my husbands nomadic job I have lived in rental homes for 23 years and I know only too well how poorly designed some of them are. Even little things like badly placed light switches, power outlets and TV cables can be so annoying. Keep up the good work.