Day 256 Basement dwellers link

I see so many comments and forums out there from people who are struggling to clean out their basements. I thank my lucky stars I don’t have a basement because from what I read they are just clutter collection areas. One of the common basement curses are rolls of carpet. They often get put in the basement in good condition but after years down there waiting for their new lease on life they end up rotten from the damp.

I found a link with some great uses for old carpet that I felt compelled to share with you just in case you are suffering from this very problem. My Zero waste is a fantastic blog with some wonderful idea on recycling all sorts of things in varying ways and if you have any love for the environment you will subscribe to this blog. The link I found is Four ways to carpet your garden go over and have a read and check out some of their other great posts while you are at it.


I need to find a karate dojo near here who might be able to use these belts.

Karate Belts

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  1. I’m back and I have SO MANY posts to catch up on! See ya in a bit 🙂

  2. Ah yes, the basement. The receptacle for all the junk the house throws up. Every time I’m looking at houses for sale on line and I see a good one, my husband asks if it has a basement. Guess who has the most stuff down there.

    That no waste link is…AMAZING! I’m going to go get lost over there!

  3. It is my deep and heartfelt desire to empty my basement of all but the most essential things–a set of home-maintenance tools, a box of occasionally-used kitchenware, one box of holiday items, and the washer and dryer. It’s a full basement, too, nearly 1000 sq feet, and dry. Imagine that–a big, dry, nearly-empty basement. If I get that done, I am sure I will levitate to uncluttered goddesshood!

  4. Oh bless you for linking to our site; I really appreciate it and I absolutely LOVE what you are doing here. I’m on a declutter mission myself this week and your writing is totally inspirational and very timely. I’d love to hear your thoughts on releasing sentimental items; how do you personally deal with that? I’m getting ready to be brave and have finally come to peace about letting some items go, but would love to hear your thoughts.
    Have a wonderful day and thanks again for writing about us,

    Mrs G x

    • Hi Mrs Green,
      to cut a long explanation short, I have come to the conclusion that I don’t need stuff to remind me of my loved ones and what they mean to me. If I do get to a point where I forget them then no amount of useless stuff is going to help remind me because I have obviously got dementure or something. There are always going to be those items you just don’t want to be rid of but for those items that you are only keeping because someone gave them to you then that is not a good enough excuse to hoard them.
      If you choose personal attachment from the tags list you will likely find more post on this subject with some great input from my readers.
      By the way thanks for dropping by and seeing what I am doing here. I hope to hear from you again soon.

  5. The link to the carpet article is broken. It should be:

  6. LOL! I finally got rid of all my TKD belts, except the most advanced which was red. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite make it to black. I still have one red belt and a couple of Texas State Gold medals. No trophies, no extra belts.

    • Hi Mary C,
      nice of you to join us here at 365lessthings it is good to here from you. One thing I will have to write about soon is vanity clutter, things like trophies, souvenirs, brand name products, fashion accessories etc that we display to remind us and others of our successes. I am looking forward to writing that post when I get home form vacation as I have seen some good examples while I have been away.