Day 264 Other peoples stuff

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  1. I know some people ruthlessly throw out their family’s stuff – I just can’t do that. My husband is a borderline packrat (though he seems to like MY decluttering) and I just feel like it would be disrespectful to him as a person to do that to him, or anyone. People aren’t all alike, not everyone wants less stuff, or to be a minimalist. If they do, they’ll end up being inspired by what you do with your stuff, which isn’t going to happen if you trash their stuff!

  2. i’m interested in your rubber stamps! what size are they and how much??

    i never throw away my family’s stuff w/o asking, but they almost always seem to let it go when i ask; they just don’t want to go to the trouble of it?

    • Hi Loreejo,
      welcome to the comments section of 365lessthings. It is always good to add a new voice to the mix as we all have some thing to offer. I have certainly learned in this process that it is best not to assume that someone is keeping something because they want it ,usually it is just because they don’t know what else to do with it ( or in some cases too lazy to do something with it) so I have no problems asking anymore.
      As for the rubber stamps I will have to let you know about that when I get home. (If I forget send me a reminder I will be home on Sunday)

  3. My mother was HORRIBLE about getting rid of my stuff, and not only did she do it a lot, but she got rid of my favorites AND gave them to my close cousins who I saw daily! So I would end up sneaking most of *my* stuff home which caused drama with my cousins, too.

    I will declutter my son’s stuff, but he’s 2. When he’s a little older and understands the concept (he already knows how nice it is to play with a few favorite toys as opposed to a bunch that break the first time), he’ll have a say. Then when he’s even older than that, he’ll get to declutter his own stuff.

    We may have *rules* about clutter…certain number of toys or whatever, but I think that is different than essentially taking someone’s property from them.

  4. In full agreement with this viewpoint. We can show, we can ask, we can help – but we can’t do it for someone else. Not if we want to show and be shown respect.

  5. Fully agreed. You could even end up raising a packrat if you throw your kids’ stuff away without asking them, as they will grow afraid of losing stuff as it has felt so bad, and wanting to hold on to everything. My DD is not even 2 yet so I do go through her stuff and have put away some baby toys she no longer plays with, but she will get a say when she is a bit older, and hopefully learn to de-clutter with me. She already has favorites though and I’d never dream of disposing those!

  6. Hey, I feel famous today! Thanks for making my query into a post. I do think it’s disrespectful to take away people’s stuff without asking. I’m limiting myself to tossing actual garbage — empty envelopes, broken pieces of lost toys, candywrappers/packaging that someone never threw out . . .
    And my daughter even suggested that I make a pile of stuff and clothes for her to consider tossing, and she’ll make the final decision. So I think it’s right to make everyone part of the process. And my son even voluntarily gave up some toys (gifts) he’d never opened or used. So we are making progress. Thanks for your thoughts!


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