Day 301 What Kind of Clutterer Are You?

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. I love this post. 🙂

    Colleen, I hope your boy heals quickly. I’m sorry you have to go through this. 🙁

  2. Colleen – Sounds like a great morning. I hope the day lives up to your hopes.

  3. Cindy, I was like you – very neat and organized until my second girl. Somehow I was able to manage with one, but 2 became a challenge. She just turned two and I feel like things are finally getting easier.

    Colleen – I was so relieved and happy for you to hear that your son was awake. I hope things continue to get better and better!

    • If you’re getting your house back together, and your youngest just turned two, you’re way ahead of me.

  4. This is a hoot and so true. I’m neither but my mother is the hidden kind. She’s getting better (it’s taken 17 years of living with me to get her where she is) but has a ways to go. I think I am a minimalist too. I can’t see the need for a piece of furniture or anything else if it is just there to “look pretty”. At least if you want “pretty” make it spare and not a hutch full of useless things. Oh my! Them’s fightin’ words to Mom.

  5. Can I be a combination clutterer? I think I tend to the let it all hang out kind if I have to choose. Like you Cindy I have neat and tidy drawers but the counters attract junk like flowers attract bees. I didn’t like it that our last house and this current one are small and have no garage or basement but now I see it as an unexpected blessing. I am forced to declutter and keep the stuff out of the house.

    Colleen, I’m truly amazed that you are finding blessings every day. And each day Liam improves at all is the best blessing!

    • No garage or basement. I think that would be hard. Even is it’s not clutter, there is usually seasonal clothing and decorations, tools, and lawn equipment that need to be stored somewhere besides your spare bedroom closet.

  6. I am both. Pity me. Only kinda joking.

  7. Let it all hang out, most definitely! I’m a minimalist at heart and I ca’t deal with stuff very well, so if it’s there I get easily overwhelmed and give up trying to control it. I’ve realized since that the secret for me really is minimalism, minimal possessions so there is nothing TO get out of hand! Getting my husband on board finally made this possible as it was back when I lived alone. DD is about to turn two soon and she is young enough to learn our ways 😀

  8. I think I am the let it all hang out type. Clutter is a visual reminder to do something, call someone, etc. Sadly I have so many visual reminders that truly – on a regular basis – it feels like my house is screaming at me to do things. Now that my youngest is 10, it is easier to clear clutter. …and yes, Cindy, I do remember your house from once upon a time 😉

    • Hi Janet,
      just wanted to say welcome to 365lessthings comments. I don’t think we have heard from you before and I just wanted to say it is good to hear from you.

    • Hi Janet! Thanks for coming by to visit us. Colleen, Janet is one of my friends from the mother’s group Mothers and More, which was one of the very best things I have ever been involved in. I’m sure Janet would agree with that too. -Cindy

  9. 4 bottles decluttered. You are dedicated Colleen. I’ve got some spice jars that need to go too.

    • I just looked back over the past several days. Colleen, you’ve posted a lot of pictures. Wow for you!