Day 334 Clutter as Art

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  1. I LOVE the IXLON Thermal Disruptor!!!!!! It’s a creation after my own heart, as I used to make assemblages for many years and they still fascinate me.

    The news re Liam is so heartening and that’s probably the best Christmas present you could ask for ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Meg, I started and abandoned that project a dozen times before I knuckled down to finish last week.
      Liam’s health is apparently the only present I get this year so I’m glad it is a good one.

  2. Great ideas. I have done this. My mother’s salad dressing comes in glass bottles that we have turned into vases, after sterilizing new bottles for liquid food gifts, etc. I also do this with other things we no longer have use for. I am amazed at some of the things people buy like this. It’s fun to find uses for clutter.

  3. I’d encourage readers to check out the link if you’re not familiar with steampunk – there are so many aspects to it. As the linked site says, steampunk is a genre AND a design aesthetic AND a philosophy.

    Very cool!

    • Steam punk has so many aspects it is difficult to define but it definitely harks back to a time when repairing and making discouraged mass consumption. Check out Dr Steel on Youtube for a very unique take on steam punk.

  4. Great creativity Steve. My repurposing is of a more obvious nature: lace trimmed handkerchiefs became lace trimmed napkins for the girls’ lunchboxes, for example. But my friend Holly can make anything from anything. One of her more impressive creations is a fancy cake plate made from a small plate, a dinner plate, and an egg cup. She glued them together with the small plate upside down on the bottom, then the egg cup, then the dinner plate on top. She’s also a whiz with a can a spray paint.

    • Thanks Cindy, whether you create a practical item or art like I have here, the point is to develop our senses to see opportunities to use the stuff we have or that others cannot use.

  5. Does taking old sweaters and making them in to bags count? Or unraveling an unwanted sweater and reknitting it in to a new much loved sweater?

    LOVE the futuristic gun ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m NOT letting my husband see it.

  6. You’re so creative!