Day 69:Everchanging Technology

One thing that is ever-changing these days is technology. I couldn’t count how many times we have upgraded our computers from when we first bought one in 1991. As you get more and more computer savvy and able to do things like build them yourself it is inevitable that certain components are going to get set aside for “one day” when you decide to do this or that with them. Somehow, “one day” never comes and every time you look at that ever-growing pile of “junk” you feel guilty or inadequate that you haven’t built that incredible “whatever” with it.

Give yourself a break, sell them on eBay or toss them in the garbage they are probably outdated now anyway  and only capable of making you feel like crap. This theory applies to numerous past obsessions that no longer really float our boat, like that old sewing machine that never gets used anymore, cupboard shelves full of unstarted aeroplane models  or scrapbook supplies that sit there reminding us how much was spent collecting them and now you never use them. There is a lot of psychology involved in “stuff” that we could happily do without so move on and don’t look back there is someone out there who  still has the passion for the things you once loved so set them free.

Computer Parts

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  1. That reminds me, I have an old computer keyboard that has the old outdated plug so it is useless. I must chuck that today…I have changed the blog url as I have started updating my lowincomelady personal blog (I used to link to my craft blog when I commented)

  2. Thank you. I didn’t expect that! I have just started to post again regularly after a long break. It’s really just a personal blog with my musings…I used to blog a lot on it all the time and then I got really sick and was in hospital about 4 years ago and I lost all desire to blog or do anything really. It’s only now that the desire has come back…I guess it means I am fully recovered now…

  3. Colleen, I just updated my blog with a decluttering/organising post… I thought I better get my blog ready for the readers you send if you link to it tomorrow!