Favourite Five for Friday 11MAR2011

Wow! It was difficult this week to condense down to only five comments because there were so many good ones and a lot of AH HA moment for our readers and for me too. I would like to feature much more than five but these are the five I have chosen…

Laura in response to Adam and Eve and rampant consumerism – …Colleen’s essential point is correct… Read more I was particularly please with Nurchamiels response to this comment. Learning these lessons when you are young is so important.

Anne in response to Friday’s favourite five – …I injured my foot this week and was ordered to stay off from my feet. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I… Read more.

Katharine in response to Defining Sentimental Clutter- Ah, “the fear of the regret in the future”… Read more

Andreia in response to The Perfectionist Trap - Yesterday, when I was clearing our living room, my husband said… Read more

Liz Mylar in response to The Perfectionist Trap - I just came to the same kind of conclusions and have been decluttering… Read more

This week I have had to cram at the last minute to find my favourite five links because I have been ignoring my RSS feeds and had a digital sabbatical. I think I have come up with some last minute gems though. Enjoy!

Be more with less – 25-reasons-you-might-be-a-minimalist

Small NotebookAre-you-making-your-to-do-list-too-hard-find-out-why


Work Happy Now4-tips-to-help-you-stay-happy-present-and-productive-at-work

The Change BlogPositive-habits-to-cultivate

Today’s Declutter Item

Pokemon cards, I hate these things and am glad to see the back of them at last. Products that are designed to prey on little kids in this manner are a blight on society. I know these are strong words but that is what I think. To me they are a form of underage gambling and that is just wrong.

Things that made me happy, made me laugh, made me feel grateful, fascinated me or I thought were just plain awesome.

  • Hearing the magpies warbling when I woke up this morning not to mention my husband standing there with a cup of tea in his had for me.
  • One motorbike has finally finished its overhaul at the mechanics and I can have my car back at last.
  • Even though my mum and dad had to postpone their visit there is an upside – I get to go the Canberra with my husband for a couple of days next week.
  • Anthony Bourdain – No reservations – love that show.
  • I recorded an interview about 365lessthings for an Australian radio show called Future Tense today – I must admit I am glad it is over but I think I did alright.

It matters not how fast I go, I hurry faster when I’m slow.

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Congratulations on the interview! Any chance it’s on the internet anywhere? And also congratulations from a few days ago on taking your crafts to a store to discuss selling. What you have shown us here with your cards is very professional and pleasing to the eye. Good luck!

    • Hi Jo,
      the interview was only recorded yesterday but should air in a couple of weeks. I will put the link in a blog post when it is available. I hope I come off sounding OK.
      It is amazing how it feels so out of my comfort zone to take those samples to the store. Life truly is a funny thing.

  2. Oh, pokemon. A blast from the past. (Yeah, I know, I’m young.) I am glad I never had those cards, and that I borrowd (is that the right spelling, please correct me?) it.

    I really liked the post of the Change Blog, those are really good habits!

    • Hi Nurchamiel,
      I remember having to take my son to the Pokemon movie. Oh my, how boring was that. I think it was the first time I ever fell asleep in a movie theatre.

    • Hi Nurchamiel! You were almost perfect with that spelling – it just needs an “e”, like this:

      Your English skills are very good.

    • Thanks!

      Jo, thank you! I’m still improving them: this semester I actually have to write an scientific article in English, so this is really nailing it: reading and writing in english, and having more info about decluttering. 🙂

      Colleen, Lol. Looking back now, I realize that every episode of the show was the same. They travelled, they meet someone, they fight, character wins, end of show. No interesting plot twists (lol, I really grow up) no big drama or interesting storytelling like Black Swan.

      I also think it’s gambling. We should teach our children (no, don’t have any myself) that a stupid piece of paper (or plastic) worth so many $$ isn’t really important in life. With other things like happienes, health and creativity you are way better off anyway.

      I actually saw a dutch tv-show about a guy who collects plastic storyfigures of G.I.Joe, etc. It was horrible! Dust everywhere! If I was in a place like that, I would run! He was certainly not asmatic, lol.

  3. Congratulations on the interview! Our own decluttering celebrity 🙂 Looking forward to listening to it.

    Yes, those trading cards are horrible. My 8 yo son tossed his footy cards last year, and I’m hoping he doesn’t start collecting them this year. I never buy them for him – my husband does, or he spends his pocket money – but oh, what a waste of $$! Having said that, I still have my girly swapcards from 35 years ago. They are so pretty, that I’m going to display them somehow. My daughter is not interested in them at all!

    • Hi Loretta,
      thank you but maybe we should hold off on the congratulation until we have heard it I could come off sounding like a complete idiot. 😆 I hope I answered all the questions well and didn’t ramble on too much. I will just have to wait and see I suppose.
      I am glad I am not alone in my opinion of those gambling I mean trading cards.

  4. Thank you for including me in the favorite five. Congratulations on the interview!!! I can’t wait to hear it!

    I have made some real sentimental clutter progress this week. I was able to let go of three pairs of shoes, one lamp, four jackets, two leather purses and a hat! I kept a small side table which I polished and it came out beautiful. I’m still amazed at the feeling of lightness that comes after letting go of all these items.

    Japan was hit with a very bad earthquake followed by a horrible tsunami today. Please send prayers or good thoughts to those people affected by the disaster.

    • Hi Anne,
      it is I who must thank you for leaving such a good comment. So thank you.
      I am glad you are making such great progress with your sentimental decluttering, these are usually the hardest items to deal with.

      The earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan is terrible and my heart goes out to all affected. I have now sent out a message via my blog. It has been such a bad year for natural disasters.

  5. Hurray for the interview! I hadn’t known about it. You’re getting famous, Colleen 🙂