Friday’s Favourite Five ~ 1Jul2011

Colleen is on vacation visiting her daughter and other family, so I’m exploring the blog world this week and picking the Friday’s Favorite Five. As a reminder, I rarely read blogs, so picking 5 favorites is always an experiment for me.

1. There is not one post I’m  specifically pointing to here. The Good News Network is my favorite site besides 365 Less Things, and I have visited it every day for years. I think we all could use more good news and less grim in our lives. Geri, who founded the Good News Network, has excellent journalistic credentials as she used to work for CNN, which she calls Constantly Negative News.
2. Tsh Oxenreider gives great advice on getting the most loathsome chore done first, before you move onto easier and more fun tasks.
3. Episcopal Priest Barbara Crafton is packing up and moving, and she reflects upon the things that she saved over the years in a post called “These Foolish Things.”
4. Decluttering as a meditation? Author  Leo Babaunta says yes.
5. Since we recently discussed line drying, and because I personally enjoy pictures of clothes on the line, I liked this post from Rachel at Small Notebook.

And my favorite comments from the past week:

1. Jo praises Colleen for her systematic way of dealing with a trouble clutter spot and finds a solution to a long-term problem.

2. Di praises Colleen the inspiration she provides after listening to Colleen’s interview.

3. Natalie shares her great plan to motivate her children to get rid of their no-longer-needed items and to save for future wants and needs.

4. Chelle reflects on her decluttering journey.

Today’s Declutter Item

Even though these books are about love and given with love it is the thought behind the gift that counts. I have really only looked at any of these three books at the time they were given to me and then when I was deciding whether to keep them or not. I know that the people who gave them to me love me in their own unique ways and I don’t need books of love written by strangers to help me to remember that.

Books of Love

Something to be Grateful For

Even the events in life that are less than pleasant have experiences within them that important life lessons can be learned from. Be grateful for all of life’s lessons good or bad as there is likely something within them that has made you a better person.

It matters not how fast I go, I hurry faster when I’m slow

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  1. Cindy,
    That zen habits post that you shared is amazing! Thank you for helping out this week whilst our fearless leader is enjoying herself with family!

  2. Thanks Annabelle. Glad I found a “keeper” for you.