Friday’s Favourite Five ~ 8JUL2011

Friday’s Favorites, but Not Five

Once again I am delving into the cyberworld to ferret out interesting and useful blogs for your enjoyment. Because this week was lower than usual on comments, and higher than usual on blog suggestions, I decided to change it up a bit. Hopefully I won’t be in trouble with you or with Colleen!

1. Since so many readers have lots of scrapbooking materials, I love this guide to holiday gift making. It’s July – time to start, right? (Warning, at least one of the links doesn’t work any more.)

2. Blogger Barbara Crafton says good-bye to her old (inanimate) friends at a yard sale.

3. Katie at Making This Home gives some nice guidelines for dealing with heirlooms.

4. Is it cheating to pick two posts from the same blog? Here Katie talks about resisting the lure of shopping. I found the tidbit that the average American woman buys 60 new clothing items a year shocking. My family of four might buy 60 items for everyone, including school uniforms.

5. The Minimalist Packrat shares ideas on helping your kids to declutter.

And, for your additional reading enjoyment, two links that I especially liked from this week’s interviews.

6. From Bea at The Zero Waste Home, who thinks that our love of cleaning products is out of control.

7. And Dave at The 100 Things Challenge muses on dealing with the disappointment of things not going according to plan.

Today’s Declutter Item (from Colleen)

I believe this is the last of the travel toiletries. I do solemnly swear that these will be the last ever to clutter up my bathroom cabinet as I believe that the purge is now complete and I plan for it to stay that way.

The last of the travel toiletries

Something I Am Grateful For Today

All the love that we have experienced in life whether fleeting, lost, long term or form those who have passed on. Look at all these experiences in a positive light no matter if the experience ended in sadness because that fact that someone loved you

It matters not how fast I go, I hurry faster when I’m slow

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  1. Good picks, Cindy. Thanks!

  2. Great picks Cindy!