Friday’s Favourites ~ 10Aug2012

On Fridays at 365 Less Things I share with you my favourite comments from my wonderful readers and my favourite web finds of the week. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did.

Favourite Comments. Enjoy!

Deb J is sadly only too correct in this comment and we are no different here in Australia.

I appreciated this honest and to the point comment from Klyla.

Lena gives a good example in this comment of a previous point I was making in response to Ideealistin.

I liked  Kimberley’s take on lists. Her primary reason for making them really met with my approval.

Here is another good post from The Minimalists

Favourite Web Finds. Happy reading!

How does this post from Lindy Asimus relate to clutter. That is simple to explain. Focus you mind on each decluttering task as you carry it out. Don’t concern yourself with what has gone before ~ the mistakes that brought you to this point ~  or how much work there is still to be done. Instead be mindful and grateful of the item/s you are relieving yourself of in this moment. 

Decluttering can sometimes be about repurposing things you love and would like to keep by using them differently than intended. For instants if you need a planter pot for a cute natural decorative display why not utilise something already in the home rather than go out and buy something new to perform the task. Check out this post from the clever people at Apartment Therapy.

Here is another link from Apartment Therapy that my book loving 365ers are going to love.

Here is a nice story that I found over at bemorewithless.

Today’s Mini Mission

Remove excess items from kitchen benches.

Today’s Declutter Item

Nothing much to tell about these items. They just aren’t used enough to waste space on so out they go.

Microwave Dishes

Something I Am Grateful For Today

The good life I have.

It matters not how fast I go, I hurry faster when I’m slow

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  1. More great comments and web links. I love the two about making things out of other things and the Little Libraries. My mom and I have made numerous gifts and things for our home out of odd stuff we have found. We used to do a lot more of it than we do now. It was fun. I think the little libraries are great too. I have a friend who has an old, old phone booth. If I could afford to buy it from her I would and turn it into a little library. Instead of the shelf below the phone I would have multiple shelves along that side. I think it would be so much fun. Alas, she wants way more than I can afford for the thing.

    Yesterday I sold two plastic craft units with 3 drawers each and a plastic wrapping paper container. I also gave away bunches of Christmas bows, wrapping paper, and gift bags. Today I have a craft unit on wheels that I am going to sell. I’m soooooo excited.

    • I haven’t looked back to check but it seems you feature a lot in the Favourite Friday comments Deb J. I think it must be about time you wrote me another guest post. It has been a while since the last one. What do ya say my friend, are you up for it?

      Well done with the selling Deb and with the fact that you are able to get rid of so many storage items. I left a big plastic storage tub at the thrift store this week after delivering it full of the last two weeks decluttered items. I figured I didn’t need it anymore either so didn’t bother to bring it home.

  2. Hi everyone,

    Thank God it’s Friday, sing it loudly everyone, yeah yeah Yeah!!! Friday, which means today I get to tackle my Narnia laundry cupboard again. Then Saturday, clear out Dance Stuff, then Nek Minnit it’ll be SUNDAY!!! Home Open Day and I have to view a few places then lunch with my boy and then Nek Minnit ‘THE SCRAPBOOK CUPBOARD!!!!!!
    camera – Check! boxes – check! list – check! blinkers on – check! Focus focus focus mantra for Sunday just gittin’ it dun!! Haha the Tassie Devil is ready to rumble!!! I’m actually quite scared heehee!!

    Lovely faves post Colleen, I love BeMoreWithLess and The Minimalists. Did you check out the article below the collection one, about bleaching your wardrobe, by accident of course. I have done this, recently, (not clothing, just missed that) and am now the proud owner of a black towel which looks like it has a galaxy of stars on it with a whirlpool black hole hahaha. It now lives in the garage for cleaning the tyers on my car!!! Re-purposed and I have left my laundry room with a bleachy smell and now the bleach bottle lives in the garage as well. I don’t use bleach much and when I do it is sparingly but man, if dropped, RUN!! it goes everywhere!! Saved by the easy to wipe down tiles, floor to ceiling!!

    Declutter item for me is my LIME GREEN umbrella, really sad it broke, how very dare it! Had it for yonks and it was the best umbrella ever!!! How do you recycle a broken umbrella????

    Have a beautiful day everyone:) 🙂 🙂

    • Good luck with that weekend schedule Dizzy, it does have me wondering why you thank God it’s Friday. The rest of your week must have been quite a whirlwind. I am going to thank God it’s Tuesday because I am having three weeks off from then yay. But I have to get my blog posts all set before then so I will have a busy weekend too.

      I did read that bleach post. I only had a small taste of that problem once when I thought I was putting stain remover on a pillowcase but realised at the last minute I had grabbed the mould spray bottle instead.

      I am glad at least that you got good use out of your lime green umbrella before it gave out on you. Job well done I’d say. Not sure about recycling it though.

    • Dizzy, It’s always good to “hear” your voice. It seems you’ve been absent this summer. After the above post, I think I know why! Good luck with your weekend.

  3. I liked the Little Free Library. I used to be the library for everyone, my friends and rellies didn’t have to buy books for years cause they knew I had heaps. At least I can say that the books were well read and then when I went e-reader and I donated boxes and boxes of books to a local charity book sale it was the end of an era. I have the three last sets that are out on loan, and when they come back to me I will be sending them off to the charity book sale too.

    I know it wasn’t quite the same idea as what is in the link – and I do like the idea of the Little Free Library much better – but I’m glad I had friends coming and going for books, it was a nice time in my life. Now we live in seperate parts of the city and some overseas so we don’t see each other very often.

    • Some things are good while they last Moni but moving on is a good thing especially if it means with less stuff.

      • Colleen and Moni, I couldn’t agree more with both of you. I think it’s great to hear of someone who is a avid reader but is still willing to move on with the times. I love to read but I think that reading is sacred not the books! I know that the books are sacred for a lot of people so I don’t mean to offend but as for me I love, love, love the lightness of not owning any books.

        • “Reading is sacred, not the books.” Jennifer L, that’s brilliant. I’m also an avid reader and have books all over the house, but they’re library books and will go back from where they came. I’ve gotten over the need to buy and own so many books.

        • “Reading is sacred not the books!” Love this Jennifer. I so agree. I used to have 1000’s of books. I sold enough of them at one point to pay for a semester in college. Then I collected more. Over the last 8 years or so I have been giving them, selling them or whatever in order to get rid of them and am not buying more.

  4. Dear all readers,

    I so get the ‘love to read don’t need to hang onto the books syndrome’! I am a voracious reader but also I am a book keeper for a while, but not just to show I can read. I spent years with libraries and schools, doing fundraising to get books into the hands of kids that may not get the chance to learn and appreciate the value of books. I have to date still not got around to going ‘techy’ with books because I’m still deciding which one. I have however helped my local library with many donations of quality books and as for school libraries, well lets just say it was hard work but so worth the time I took to spend with kids and lead them down the reading path. One of the biggest things I did tell all the kids was being able to read will open up so many doors for them but they don’t have to own the books to be a good reader. I always loved seeing them come into the library to see what goodies were about to hit the shelves. Some of these kids just beamed with the knowledge that the Library was their domain and they ruled it. Together they taught each other to care for books, be respectful of the work that goes into writing and publishing a book and also how to part with books when necessary. I had a ball doing this and still volunteer at schools to raise funds for the libraries. I did set up a trolley similar to the one mentioned above and the kids loved that they could recycle their books through it. One kid decided to recycle her parents books through it so she could get a few books for herself. I ended up with ‘The Art of Making Love’!!!! We had a great laugh at that and the poor mum was in tears of laughter after I rang her and asked her if she wanted it back.

    I will always love books but I am very good at reading and passing them on. I used to have many, many, books and would have to wait till hubby had read them (he’s a slow reader, 2 paragraphs and he falls asleep hahaha!!) takes ages to de-clutter books with him! I do still purchase books but I know when I’m finished I can pass them onto the local libraries and they get a new life with many others. I just look at it as my way of donating useful goods!

    The few books that I will hang onto are my ‘Christmas Books’ aahhhh they are not leaving till I do!!! I just love Christmas and these books are beautiful. I have had them for years and they are well maintained. They come out off the shelf and onto the coffee table to be enjoyed a little more than usual. Everybody that visits me sits and flicks through them and they are great ‘Christmas Memory Lane’ starters. My hubby hates the one about having a colour themed Christmas he blames the book for my ‘colour themed Christmas affliction’ hahaha! He jests but I am going to weed through my Christmas gear as soon as I have my ‘SCRAPROOM’ done. That my dears is a whole other thing!!!!!

    Have a fabulous day 🙂 🙂 🙂