Happy Holidays to all!

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  • Home again and on with the decluttering. Hi folks, well all good things must come to and end and my vacation is one of those things. We had a lovely time in Japan but it is always nice to be home again. And now it is back to the […]
  • You just never know. Firstly I would just like to apologise for my recent extended absence from the blog this month. Unfortunately my mother took ill and I rushed off interstate to visit her in hospital and to […]
  • A thing a day ~ Day 12, 13 & 14 Actually I am not even sure what day I am up to with the Thing A Day mission. I have been so busy with grandparenting this week that I don't know if I'm coming or going. So lets call it […]
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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Have a great time Colleen. Stay safe.

  2. Have fun, Colleen! Merry Christmas to all 365ers!

  3. Enjoy your break Colleen! Merry Christmas to all the 365 Community!

  4. Merry Christmas Colleen and to all at 365. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  5. Colleen, i hope you and all the 365ers have a wonderful Christmas!! We will miss you, but hope your vacation is wonderful, too. I have noticed that people have been too busy to comment much, but, like me, they are probably still decluttering! I got rid of some of my excess throw-a-way plates and such when hubby’s family was here for Christmas and today at church. I wont be keeping much on hand in the future. Just some for power outages. Continuing with “use it ups” and have a box going to the thrift. You may be on vacation, but your inspiration will remain with us!!

  6. Hi Colleen,

    I’m sure I won’t be the only one missing you… but this being able to go do meaningful and fun and important things is the whole reason we all declutter, right? 🙂 I hope you enjoy your time away and will look forward to your return 🙂 xo

  7. Merry Christmas everyone! May you have a wonderful holiday and a very Happy New Year. May God richly bless you in 2017.

  8. It is Christmas Eve here in the US and I guess not many are reading 365. However, I write for my own inspiration. Ha!!! I’m happy to say that Thursday, I took 57 articles of clothing to the thrift store, plus a box of small items. I can’t tell you how good it felt to get rid of clothes that were gifts that I never liked, or things I bought that no longer fit or that I didn’t put enough thought into when purchased. I will no longer feel guilty over lack of use when I look in my closet!!! Not to mention the space it made in my upstairs closets which are now almost empty (of clothing anyway). Today, I cut up a couple pairs of soft knit jogging pants for one-time-use rags. Cleaned out and organized some drawers and added things to the next box for the thrift. Noticed a wooden child’s chair had a broken spindle, so out it goes, too. I’m on a roll……………………..my Christmas present to myself!!!!! I am excited with every item I find to let go!!! Thanks to everyone for the continuing encouragement!!!

  9. Enjoy Colleenn!

    Wow, I am impressed (and before the New Year)!

    I have a small box ready to go to Goodwill and am now contemplating, with the gifts received for Christmas, one in…one out. Wish me luck.

    • Anna, I wrote a reply to you but somehow got it under Michelle below. I guess because I also wanted to reply to her and got ahead of myself. Duh…………..

  10. Hey there and Happy New Year to you all! It’s been a nice, relaxing Christmas holiday. I’m having a free day off in a few weeks while hubby has to work and I think that will be a fine time to do a little purging. Maybe, even, *gasp* dare I say it? Maybe a couple ugly afghans could be donated. Oh, who am I kidding? They will probably still be here next year. 🙁 Ok. The New Years resolution? Work on that follow-through.

    • Anna, those small boxes add up, too, but sometimes it just feels so good to get a big purge done!!

      • Well, I got My reply to Anna under Michelle, but I also wanted to reply to Michelle………….
        I have forgotten WHY you have the ugly afgans, but remember you are having a hard time parting with them for some reason. I thought I would tell you my Afghan story and see if it is encouragement to let go.

        I never liked afgans even when they were very popular. They were usually……..well, ugly.
        However, a dear friend made me a beautiful afgan. It was country blue (and blue is my favorite color) and off white. I had gobs of country blue pottery in my living room at that time so it matched well. But, I never used it. It had huge tassels on two ends. I don’t like tassels on ANYthing (or fringe) because it looks unruly. You can’t keep it straight. The afgan was bulky and took up lots of room in my closet. When she passed away, I was happy to let it go at my yard sale for a small price even though it was beautiful and unused and large. I had lots of memories of my friend without the afgan. And by then, so many other lovely and more practical, and more comfy throws were being made, like fleece and such. I miss my departed friend, but never the afgan. She and the thought of her kindness for spending so many hours to make it for me are always in my heart. But,thankfully, that huge afgan is not in my closet.

        If you use and enjoy your ugly afgans, by all means, keep them. Otherwise, keep the memory and let them go. I assure you, you won’t miss them. :-). You will probably just wonder why you didn’t do it a long time ago. Ha!

        This story is only for encouragement…..there is never any condemnation on this site for not letting go until you are absolutely ready!!