Mini Mission 21 June 2017

Declutter something related to your torso. Maybe a clothing item, a belt, that back scratcher you never use, belly button ring, gun holster… . You may have guessed I’m grasping at straws here, please use your own imagination.😂

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. How about a cell phone. My Mom’s had problems with hers since we got it and she thought it was because she was having a hard time learning how to use it. Turns out there is very little reception on the first floor here. Nice of them to tell us. So back to a land line we went for her. She is SOOOOOO happy. It works.

  2. Today mine is a black jumper. It makes me look rather like a thug so I never wear it!

    Other torso things might be a backpack, heat bag, dining chair covers, suspenders, maybe a towel…

    Also, they are advertising Plastic Free July here (mainly aiming at refusing single-use plastics). I am getting in the swing if things by targeting plastic items to declutter in the lead-up to July (and probably during it!)

  3. I got rid of a belt ! it’g gotta count 😉

  4. I found an old embroidered vest hidden between other things in my too-crowded closet. I am sure it will find a loving place in someone else’s closet.

    I like having a daily reminder, rather than a weekly one. Thank you!

  5. Nothing to do with torso but very much related to Decluttering! A friend and her husband work for a team which sends sewing and woodwork items to Africa. Sewing machines, cottons, scissors, needles, saws, hammers, nails, screws etc. They have a stall at our town’s carnival and I’ve been asked for items that will sell at 50p. I went through cupboards and drawers and found a lot of various things, from a vase to lip balms ( which I don’t use !), herbal teas etc. All out of my house and hopefully will raise a £ or 2 for their cause.

  6. Plastic items. I had someone who was cooking for me for two months and she wanted plastic containers as they weren’t as heavy to carry and manipulate. Now she isn’t cooking for me anymore and I have 20 containers the same size. I think I am going to give them to our homeless ministry so they can use them to contain food they give in sack lunches like sandwiches, cookies, fruit, etc.

    • That’s a fantastic idea Deb J, good on you 🙂

      Today I decluttered a plastic case that came with a set of brush pens once. I find it ridiculous how much packaging comes with new items, and then in this case, it was that extra plastic case too. I’ve now found where I can buy the pens individually, so no packaging at all!

      • Amelia, you are right that there is just too much plastic in this world. It seems that almost everything you buy is encased in plastic. How is that helping our environment? Ugh!

        • Yes, I shudder to think how much damage it is doing to the environment.
          It would be one thing if it were deliberate choices to buy plastic over another material (e.g. I have been replacing plastic storage containers with glass jars, but I think this may be too dangerous for some bathroom things), but no, so much plastic is just pointless packaging, that we aren’t deliberately choosing but have to take on if we want the product inside!

          • Amelia, you are like me. I am trying to replace all plastic with glass as I can afford to. I try to buy products in glass as much as possible and then reuse the glass for other things too. Like you say there is so many things you don’t have a choice. Even the organic stuff comes in plastic. Ackkkk!! Oh well. We are doing our best.