Mini Mission – Friday 28July2017

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  1. Two weeks ago i dropped some items off at the consignment store… have to stop by as I was told I have a check !

  2. This is one thing I struggle with. I hold onto things because I want to try to sell them. Then I don’t get around to doing it. I find it a lot of work… I know its not really, but here, everyone wants something for nothing, and half the time they don’t turn up – I “sold” a book about 2 weeks ago to a lady in another state – and I am still waiting for her to pay for it. (I havent posted it) which is why I am not really bothering. But you have motivated me to list a few baby items I have held onto – give them a week to sell – and if they don’t give them to my sister, OR donate them somewhere.
    I like these little challenges. I have been doing some of your old ones – and making some up of my own – and I am achieved so much this week in decluttering, and finding homes for things inside our house and already seeing the difference in being able to find things, and put them away easily!!


    • Hi Deb – I can’t remember who said it here but I now remind myself that the money was a sunk cost at the time of purchase or when it ceased to have value to me. I’ve been using that one a lot lately for myself.

    • I consider if the value of the tax receipt for the donation, combined with NOT having to hassle with selling, is worth it. Often, it goes in the donation pile!

      (I like the consignment shop, used bookstore, and used DVD store, because they have set hours and I go in and am shortly all done. I don’t like having to drive to them, but so much easier than selling on facebook or similar.)

  3. Just sent a note to grandkids to see if they have anything for a one day garage sale and are willing to help. So far no takers. Lol

    Have 4 very large terra cotta pots, 2 like new 50 foot hoses, 2 shepherd’s hooks for hanging plants in yard, 2 tall heavy wooden bar stools, and a wicker night stand. Plus another batch of stamping supplies. Sure I find a few more things if a sale happens.

    Will see what happens.

  4. I’m not really focusing on selling at the moment as the stuff I am working on would not have enough value to justify the listing fees and my time.
    However this morning I did get decisive about a stack of empty storage bins, I have been putting off dealing with them as I know I do need one or two and wasn’t sure which of the six would be the best option. I decided to keep the three most likely sized ones and donate the other three. Once I have time to lock in which one I will use, I can donate the others. I just decided that some progress was better than no progress!

  5. I tried to post some free packing material on our local for sale site. Immediately someone wants it–but they never showed up. So I reposted it, now someone wants part of it. I’m waiting a little bit to see if someone will take it all (they of course want the bag I’d be least unhappy about keeping).

    It isn’t quite “for sale” but it’s the same site/process as selling stuf. I think people are less likely to ask for stuff that has a cost but more likely to show up!