Mini Mission – Monday 15012018

Identify a group of items that you feel you have too many of. Designate a smaller area that they must fit into and reduce the numbers to fit that space. Recently I declutter my craft ribbon stash by deciding that it all had to fit into one storage box, not two. Then I chose which ones I was prepared to part with, such as ones that had been lingering unused for a long time and little bits and pieces that weren’t being used up. Then I bundled up what I didn’t want and sent them with a load of other stuff to the thrift store.
Some suggestions for you might be stationery supplies, make-up, hobby supplies, gift wrap, cutlery…

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Stationery supplies is my answer! Recently I tidied up my notebooks collection but now it’s time for all the pens and highlighters etc. – I finally need to say goodbye to those I know I’m not going to use even though I keep saying ‘I’ll make use of it soon’. Thank you for a lovely idea with finding a smaller space they all need to fit in!

    With kindness

  2. A coincidence – just read your post about getting rid of a group of things. This afternoon I cleared out our large cupboard under the stairs. I have been ruthless: taking two suitcases, about 8 wicker baskets(for flower arranging) to the charity shop tomorrow. And I have thrown out loads of saved bits of wrapping paper, padded envelopes of many different sizes, and plastic postal bags. Horrified how long some of these have hung around in my cupboard. I hate waste so try to recycle and reuse as much as possible. However, I send less and less by post, it’s far too expensive so the padded envelopes etc have built up. Glad to get rid of them but sorry they’re not being reused.

  3. Some time ago, I asked my husband to give me any shoe boxes he didn’t need so that I could send stuff to our married daughter (“care packages”). He gave me a pile and I am happy to report that I only have one of that size left, a box that she left in her old room. I have been using up labels on the packages, as well as various packing materials. Slow but progress over time 🙂