Mini Mission – Thursday 12Oct2017

Declutter a couple of useless things from a kitchen cupboard or drawer. Possible to make room for something that usually resides on the cluttered bench top. It is difficult to keep a kitchen clean when there is stuff all over the benches. Alternately, if you are a person who has none kitchen related objects cluttering up your kitchen benches maybe it is time to clear them out and change this habit.

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Phew ! This is one thing that I manage to do :o)
    Kitchen benches are fairly clear although I’d like the phone chargers to be somewhere else. And this is a good reminder to put away the 4 cans of chopped tomatoes/tomato paste & onions that have been sitting there for over a month waiting for me to actually make pasta sauce, obviously that’s not going to happen anytime soon !

  2. Does it count that I’m helping clear out my MIL place? She had at least 5 large pots, one of which was a pressure cooker. I put them all out at her curb with some bowls and stuff. My husband said the pots all went, but none of the other stuff did. He brought me home a big assortment of birdseed from her house. I was happy about that because I like to feed the birds and squirrels. We recycled a huge assortment of canning jars because they were dirty and the plumbing at her house is a mess (leaks). We are overwhelmed by the density of objects in her basement, enough chemicals (cleaners, car products, etc) for 100 households. She must have forgotten what she had and bought it again. Everything in her basement that was made of fabric has a musty mildew smell, so I’m chucking all that (lots of old curtains, fabric scraps). I’m thinking we will be at this for several months at least 🙂

  3. Sounds like your MIL is lucky to have two willing to helers. Good luck.

    I decided to let my box of guilt gifts go. Plus I’ve been busy recycling the leaves on the ground to flower bed and raised garden beds.
    Fall here!

  4. Helpers*

  5. My MIL died in August… I did not specify this originally because it brought up a lot of negative stuff… She criticized my husband and I over our 36 year (so far) marriage… and now we are tasked with cleaning out her home… His sister and her guy have helped with the house too. The sister tends to keep more stuff, though. I don’t want any of my MIL things, except the birdseed, so it’s for the birds and squirrels, not really for me 🙂

  6. Dropped off my food processor at the thrift shop yesterday!

  7. Yay! Mine went a couple of years ago…gave it to my cousin’s newly married son, along with a toaster and some other appliances. I decluttered a BUNCH of stuff that time.