Mini Mission – Thursday 19Oct2017

Declutter a potted plant that is not pleasing to the eye, whether it be real or fake. There is nothing pleasing about a live plant that looks sick or a fake one that has seen better days or is covered in dust and cobwebs.

Alternately, do what you can to revive this plant and bring it back to its former glory.

If you have no plants find a decorative item within your home that could do with decluttering or some sprucing up.

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  1. Happy Dancing here. My mom cut back one of her plants, rooted the cuttings and gave them away instead of keeping them. Yes!!!!

  2. I decided today to rid of one of my 2 house plants. The plant still looks nice and has a nice pot. Now I need to decide how to pass it on. Maybe I’ll put it out with a free sign on sidewalk.

  3. I put plant with free sign on sidewalk. No takers. Will dump plant in yard debris and give nice ceramic pot to goodwill.