Mini Mission ~ Thursday 21Sep2017

Declutter something with type. This could be a book, old newspapers or magazines, paperwork you have been ignoring, those old university papers that are now so out of date that they really are of no use to you, or maybe use up some old notepaper by writing an old fashioned letter to a loved one. I am sure we can all easily find something to fit this category.

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  1. Oooh…the short list is the receipt sitting on my microwave that I just tossed. The bigger project will hopefully start this weekend – we just bought a house and our filebox is overflowing with duplicates and unnecessary things. I keep getting too busy to deal with it.

    • Add another 6 receipts, 2 coupons, a wrapper and a shopping list. (Purse cleaning time!)

    • Ooh, I bet I have receipts in my purse. I used to be really good at keeping that clean, but since we moved my computer is less convenient (to put them in the budget). Overall it’s good to spend less time at the computer, but the purse doesn’t get emptied as much!

  2. An easy one! I have books up for sale on Amazon and I recently went through and cancelled some after deciding the chance of them selling is low enough I want the shelf space back. The books are sitting on my desk–this is a good reminder to do the double check they actually been cancelled and then put them to donation.

    (No, I’m not donating unsaleable junk. I won’t deal with packing them for less than $10 and shipping, and the book sale sells them for fifty cents. Many books that aren’t worth $10 are worth fifty cents. 🙂 )

  3. 3 books out the door to the thrift store bag!! Also, my nephew is in a situation where he needs things. I have packed up all kinds of household items for him: towels, washcloths, toiletries, an extra crock pot, measuring cups and spoons, spices, etc. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good for him, more space for me!!

  4. 1 book (belonged to hubby…with his agreement, of course…lol

  5. (1) pile of tax papers

  6. Another quilting book is in the donation pile. That’s almost 20 quilting books donated in the past 2 months, and I can barely tell a difference on the bookshelf. What was I thinking buying so many books during my quilting obsession years?