Mini Mission- Thursday 24Nov2017

Declutter something from your car or garage. If you don’t own a car perhaps there is something transport related that you could Declutter.

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  1. When I was in a continuing education class recently, we were given cupping sets. These sets are great but they have a lot of pieces… that once used, need to be cleaned rather than placed immediately back in their box. I was working with another lady and neither of us really had a good place to put our things. So, I ran out to my car and got a reusable carry bag and a pillow case that I was donating. I said she could pick one and I would use the other. The carry bag fell apart on me! I guess from leaving it in my car in different temperature extremes, it degraded. It’s history! I made do with the pillowcase and now am keeping that for future cupping episodes 🙂

  2. This is perfect…I need to clean out the inside of my car. I have reusable bags tossed willie-nillie all over. A friend leaned into my car the other day I was so embarrassed.

    What are cupping sets Peggy?

    • Hi Calla,

      If you google “cupping” you will see lots of images showing what it looks like. The kind we learned doesn’t use fire because of the risk for burning. It is a type of body work (I’m a massage therapist). Cupping is supposed to help release muscular tension. It leaves a “hickey” mark where it is used, for 2-14 days. I think the marks I got in class lasted about a week, but none of it was painful. We had fun!

  3. Nothing extraneous in my car and no garage. Will declutter a couple of clothing items off to the thrift store.

  4. This is a perfect one for me, garage is caught in the season changeover and with a pile of stuff my daughter sent home with me when I visited her at her uni flat

  5. I found an unknown key fob to a car in a drawer. I’ve been passing it over for years, but finally decided if I don’t know where it came from, it’s time for it to go. I always have a hard time getting rid of something if I’m not sure what it’s for.

    • June, a couple of years ago I decluttered some keys that I had been passing over for years…had no idea what they opened…kind of hard to do though.

  6. My kid’s school-break camp is taking donations this week. Main day was today, but we just saw the last of our guests off, so the box wasn’t ready to go. (It’s sitting in the garage.) Will use this as motivation to put some more stuff in it and get it out of here this week.

    Did send some books home with my mom, but not sure it counts if I did it before the mission was posted, though technically she took them today!

  7. Counts for me Kayote! I decluttered 3 books and a hair dryer. Not related to this mission, but I needed them gone.