Mini Mission – Wednesday 2Aug2017

Declutter something you found useful in the past but now sits unused. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to make the decision to part with such items because of you appreciation for their service to you in the past but if you see no present or future use they are now just clutter. Continue reading

Mini Mission – Tuesday 1Aug2017

Declutter a paper or cardboard item. Continue reading

Mini Mission – Friday 28July2017

List something for sale that you have hopes of retrieving a little bit of cash on. I have a few things I want to do this with so I had better follow my own mission today. I have had a little success with this of late. Usually I just donate my stuff but there is a free of charges selling site called Guntree in Australia that makes it feasible to give selling a go without being out of pocket if the sale isn't successful. Continue reading

Mini Mission – Wednesday 26July2017

Free up some space by returning something to its owner. Especially if it is something your kids left behind when they left home years ago. If they don't want it donate,sell or recycle it, with their permission of course. Continue reading

Mini Mission- Tuesday 25July2017

Declutter some useful little item you rescued from going in the trash. You know, little bits and pieces that seem a waste to toss so you keep them because you might find them useful one day. They are usually plastic so put one in your recycling bin and liberate a little space. Continue reading

Mini Mission – Monday 24July2017

Declutter something edible. For example, something that has been lingering in you fridge, freezer or pantry for quite a while. Continue reading

Mini Mission – Thursday 20July2017

Declutter a handful of little things such as excess stationery supplies, jewellery items, out of date pills or makeup items... Continue reading

Mini Mission – Wednesday 19July2017

Declutter a few books you don't think you are likely to want to read again. Continue reading

Mini Mission – Tuesday 18July2017

If you are one for attaching all sorts of stuff to your refrigerator with magnets how about decluttering it today and making an effort to keep it less cluttered in the future. Continue reading

Mini Mission – Wednesday 12July2017

Declutter something that you, or another person in your household, has grown out of, physically, developmentally, and or emotionally. There isn't much that doesn't  fall into this category. It could be clothing, kids toys, items you have lost interest in or affection for, such as hobby items, décor, art works, sentimental items, books, educational texts or papers, the list goes on. Continue reading