Simple Saturday ~ Clever Furniture

Before we get on with today’s Simple Saturday post I just wanted to let you all know that I will have limited access to the internet for a few weeks.. My blog posts are scheduled to publish as usual but I may not always be able to respond to comments. So chat among yourselves and I will chip in a little when I can. There are some guest posts scheduled during this time so you might want to address your comments on that day to the author of the post. I will be back at the helm again full time at the end of the month. Enjoy!

Clever Furniture

Anita recently requested that I do a post about space saving convertible furniture, so here it is. If you click on each image, including LIFE EDITED you will be transported to some amazing space age furniture sites. I am not endorsing these companies just showing you what is out there in the way of versatile pieces of furniture that fit into very small spaces.

Matroshka Furniture

Today’s Mini Mission

Declutter a totally personal item.

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Multi-task furniture! Maybe that is where things are headed. It sure makes sense.

  2. Love the look in the first picture.

    Today’s mini mission was meant to be. A totally personal item. I have been needing to declutter my undies drawer so I am taking this as my que.

  3. I just fell in love with the Matroshka furniture system. beautiful scandinavian design.

    I have a thing for functional, space saving items. I like the bed that turn around 180degree before you have to pull them down. that way you can actually leave stuff on the shelf. Because thats the one thing I know I would go mad: every time you want to change something, you have to clear everything off again. I know I would be too lazy for that…

    • I fell in love with the matroshka, too.

      Colleen, you made me want to buy something. Cheeky you. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Fortunately it’s way out of budget anyway, so no real temptation.

    • lena, it is good to know your limitation when it comes to knowing how much trouble you are prepared to go to when it comes to multi function furniture or anything for that matter. When looking for houses recently we have found most houses in the areas we like only have street parking which would mean covering the motorbikes and I think the men in the family would soon get tired if that.

      • yeah, that is exactly what I mean. its a huge thing to know what you are willing to do every day. my mum always said, someone would be crazy to move into a house with parted windows (scandinavian style), because the cleaning is just annoying. ๐Ÿ˜‰
        I would love a little guestroom with a pull-down bed using it occasionally, but the life-edited flat would be a horror for me. I need space to leave my projects displayed for some days, and still live daily-life easily around it.

        • Hit the nail on the head. I often think it’s laziness, but perhaps it’s not, making sure life suits, well your life. I mean, if you know you won’t take everything out of the car cause it’s too much of a trek to your front door (and it’s important to you not to leave things in the car) then perhaps the house isn’t for you. I think about this a lot!

  4. Colleen, have a great time here in the US. Wish I was going to up in that area so I could meet you. Stay safe.

    I’ve always had a fondness for space saving and convertible furniture. In my first apartment I had a Murphy Bed that turned the big living room into a bedroom at night. Loved that. If I ever am by myself again I will get a big bed sitter/studio/whatever you call it place and have a Murphy Bed.

    • I solve the idea of a Murphy bed too. I think they would have a more comfortable base than a sofa bed. I have never encountered a comfortable sofa bed yet.

      • The best thing about our Murphy Bed is that we have one less place to pile crap. We used to unload our luggage on the guest room bed and bits and pieces would stay there til the next trip. No more. And the bed is very comfortable (according to my spouse!)

        While you’re in the States, why don’t you drop in for coffee – we’re only 1500 km northwest of Seattle. That’s practically in the neighborhood… Safe travels. W

  5. Colleen, thank you. That furniture is amazing! I went to the home page for Resource Furniture and watched their video. One day I want to live in a smaller house with multifunctional furniture. I love the coffee table that converts to a dining table.

  6. Enjoy your minimalist traveling to the US!

    If I ever need to replace any of my furniture, I’ll certainly be looking in to multi-function items.

    • Hi Willow, you must be busy lately, I haven’t heard much from you.
      I am hoping what we have now will work for us for a long time even if we do downsize. Fingers crossed as we may be on the move again soon and might be able to do a trial run dowmsize without buying.

      • Yes, life has been quite busy here lately. However, summer break is coming…
        Looking forward to hearing more of possible upcoming downsizing and changes.

  7. Hi everybody,

    I totally get and love all the ideas for furniture but I had to remind myself many times whilst looking I am absolutely useless at folding the things I fold at the moment, how the hell would I cope with returning the bedroom back to a lounge room etc etc hahahaha, I still battle folding a fitted sheet!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    I agree with you Colleen about the sofa bed issue of comfort. I have never slept on a sofa bed that was so comfy you looked forward to the 2nd night!! When I last travelled and stayed on a sofa bed I had a ridge through my spine and woke up constantly aching LOL although I appreciated them putting me up by 3am I was crawling into bed with my youngest cousin, we had a good laugh about it, the kids willingly gave up their beds for me to use and they all had a turn on the sofa bed. It was great fun for them! With that in mind when I purchased a sofa bed I made sure to test the whole thing out. The one we purchased is fantastic, although it was a little awkward to move into the house due to the weight it is a great sofa bed, we used it for 4 nights when we re-did the Master Bedroom and thankfully we survived the re-do and the temporary sleeping arrangements.

    The ‘Furniture’ feature is fabulous though, thankyou for that and have a safe and fabulous trip. Liam if you are in charge of the house whilst Mum & Dad are away be sure not to clutter anything up or your Mum will lock you in the pantry!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Oh Colleen, I send you wishes for a VERY safe adventure to the states!!!

    Having been back state side now for over a month, we are happy and taking one day at a time to get re-settled! Our home is so much smaller than what we lived in whilst in Europe. Multi-purpose items are amazing! Great post! Danke!

    • Thanks for the offer Wendy what day would suit you best. Only joking of course. That might be a little out of our way. Instead you can make that trip to Australia one day and come see me and all the birds.

  9. A have nice trip, Colleen!

    concerning sleeper sofas I can really recommend the Multy by Ligne Roset. Yes, it’s super pricey. But seeing that mine is 10+ years (got it used a couple of years ago) it might be an investment to consider. When I sold my bed prior to moving together I slept on it for about a month lately and after two nights of adjustment I slept very well. Better than in my bed. The amazing thing is that you can get it also in 1,30 m width and in 1,08 m so it’s a gem for difficult spaces. And you can flip it half out to use as a lounge chair.
    Thus said I admit that I’d be way to lazy to convert it every day and that it is not my dream sofa when it comes to looks and (sofa) comfort (no armrests). But should I downsize one day I would not mind sleeping on it day to day.

    • Ideealistin I was thinking to have something like that only for guests so we don’t need extra rooms so folding it out would only be an occasional thing.

      • Then maybe you might want to have a look (sit) at it if it is available somewhere near you. Very versatily and great for occasional guests and everyday life is this:
        It is only German but the manufacturer is specialized in high quality foam so maybe something similar could be reprocuded by an upholstery that is specialized in foam/ship upholstery.
        What I also like (in theory, never tested one so I am not sure about quality but I guess it differs, as it is all about the matress quality) is ottomans that fold out as (single) guest beds. They can do double duty as footrest, coffee table, extra seating … and you can always get two if you need a double bed.
        Have a really nice trip!

  10. I have always loved the concept of Murphy beds – does anyone have one? The thought of remaking the bed every night (one of my least favorite tasks) is off putting.

    I must say though, these sites are amazing Colleen! I hope you enjoy your trip to Seattle ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I used to have a Murphy Bed. You don’t have to remake the bed. There is a piece connected to the bed that comes up and holds things on. Not only do you not have to make it every night but you don’t have to have a coverlet or bedspread of whatever unless you want one because it is hidden away except when you are using it. They even have them that have a bookcase on one side with a space for a large flat screen TV. This piece swivels around and the bed is on the other side and then you just pull the ped down. That means that end of the room looks like an entertainment center until you swivel the middle and then bring the bed down. It’s really great. They also make them with desks, bookshelves and drawers.

    • Our friends have one in their guest room. We’ve slept on it before, and it was very comfortable. When they don’t have guests, they keep the bed folded up so that they can use that room as an office, etc.

    • Thanks Aurelia I will be sure to. And I get to meet Cindy in person in Texas. Yee haw!

      • amazing. please post a picture of the two of you…
        have a safe trip and enjoy your light, easy travelling! I am very much looking forward to the stories you will tell afterwards.

  11. Oooh, I love multifunction furniture. And multiuse rooms.
    The first 3 years we lived togther we had a single bed in our bed sitting room than had a matching bed underneath that we pulled out every night and made up, using a large fitted sheet to keep the two beds together (and we were/are in our forties, not spring chickens ๐Ÿ™‚ )
    We took over the small room 2 years ago when 1 of my lodgers left and it still feels a wonderful luxury to have a seperate bedroom (I have lived with a bedsit much of my adult life).

    Colleen – we were talking about downsizing and perhaps needing smaller furtniture a few weeks back. I have now switched sofas: we had a large 2 seater sofa that was too big for this room since my husband moved in and we needed more space for bookshelves etc, but more importantly, the sofa was becoming bad for our backs and we had sat in in twice in the last 6 months: furniture has to earn its keep space wise I think. So I have just bought on ebay for ร‚ยฃ15 a much smaller upright sofa that is comfy but not slouch inducing, in perfect conditon. When I asked howmuch to deliver (this is a company that saves furntiure from landfill) they quoted ร‚ยฃ15. I offered them our old sofa in exchange for free delivery and they agreed – so they delivered and took away the old one with no hassle for us: hurah! I am very chuffed ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Dizzy,
    You and I are on the same page. I couldn’t figure out the orange sofa and how it made into a bed although I liked the concept. I have a difficult time folding those baskets that are round and can be folded flat and that pop up and open.
    We went to visit my sister in AZ this Feb and slept on a reg size blow-up bed. It was quite comfortable and we only added air one of the 4 days were used it. My sister likes it because it folds up into a small carry case and fits in her closet. As for the folding chairs, my daughter has one that looks like a low chair and the top folds back and the bottom separates (all sewn together like a box) and it makes a twin bed. The foam is about 6″ high and my grands use it when they come to visit me. One uses that and one uses the twin bed. It’s not bad in a pinch even for an adult.