Simple Saturday – Nature’s Beauty

As you know one of the benefits of living a life with less is the reduced impact on supply and demand which in turn has a positive effect on the environment. In light of that I received the following email yesterday which I decided to share with you on the chance that you may wish to participate. It is worth taking a look at the link just to appreciate the beauty of nature captured by the amazing talent of the photographers featured. Here is the email…

From now until noon on Monday, February 7th, you and your readers have a great opportunity to choose the winner of  The Nature Conservancy’s 5th Annual Digital Photo Contest. We need your votes to make sure the best photo wins.

Please help us gather as many votes as we can by posting this link to where your readers can pick their favorite. Every vote counts!

Great nature photography inspires people to go out and appreciate wild places or to just take a closer look at what’s right in their own backyards.

For more details, please see below and feel free to contact me with your questions.

Thank you for your participation,

Midori Matsuyama, Online Outreach,

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  1. Oh those are nice.

    I have a funny story about clutter that hidden right underneath your nose. Last week we were supposed to check around for any Christmas items that might have missed being packed, and I reported that I couldn’t find any. Oh duh! Except for that huge poinsettia that had been sitting on my coffee table looking sadder and sadder. How could I not have noticed it until two days ago???

    • Hi Cindy,
      that is funny! Look on the bright side it sounds like it belongs in the trash so you won’t have to drag out the storage boxes to put it in. I did something similar one year but it was a figurine that seemed to blend in with other stuff because it didn’t look that Christmasy. It took some time before I realised it didn’t belong.

      • You’re right, the poinsettia went into the yard waste bin, off to become city-made mulch, but those Halloween cat ears and tail that STILL haven’t made it back into the bin with the other Halloween stuff…well I’m red faced.

  2. Beautiful nature photos. I voted!

    • Hi Betty Jo,
      they were lovely weren’t they. You should go to the flickr site of the photographer with the photo of the bird in the autumn leaves. His shots of birds in flight are amazing.

  3. Beautiful photos. My favourite is the snow-swept landscape with the single tree.