Dy 235 More on yesterday’s post

In response to yesterdays post I received this comment from Deb J... I don’t recommend white lies and they are still lies and can often come back to bite you. What I have done to take care of this is to say up front with people who are gift givers that I love receiving gifts but I am not sentimental about them. So if some point comes along when I no longer feel they suit my taste or have a purpose I may give them away of sell them. I think that most people who know me now know this about me. I don’t have to worry about being asked about something. I also try to make it clear to Continue reading

Day 182 Gifts with strings attached

Following on from Tuesday's post, Sentimental Clutter I wanted to bring forward some interesting points brought up in the comments and emails about gifts with strings attached. Cindy had suggested about a week ago in an email to me that I should write a post on this very subject. Then MmmYarn made a comment about how she gives gifts in a very thoughtful way that I felt we could all learn from. So here goes.. There seems to be two kinds of gifts with strings attached... Items gifted down through the family which you feel obliged to accept (whether you want them or not) and keep until Continue reading

Day 69:Everchanging Technology

One thing that is ever-changing these days is technology. I couldn't count how many times we have upgraded our computers from when we first bought one in 1991. As you get more and more computer savvy and able to do things like build them yourself it is inevitable that certain components are going to get set aside for "one day" when you decide to do this or that with them. Somehow, "one day" never comes and every time you look at that ever-growing pile of "junk" you feel guilty or inadequate that you haven't built that incredible "whatever" with it. Give yourself a break, sell them on eBay or Continue reading