Day 117 Snow Gear

I finally got all the snow clothing out of the cupboard on the weekend (one of those jobs I have been avoiding) and put it all on eBay.  All that is except the pair of men's pants that had a hole in the leg and a ripped lining - I don't know why I hadn't already tossed them out- and 2 pair of goggles that the foam fining had perished while stuck in the cupboard unused. The auctions are going well 5 out of 10 things already have bids on and anything that doesn't sell will be going to the thrift shop. While writing this I realised that I forgot to put the other pairs of goggles on eBay so Continue reading

Day 69:Everchanging Technology

One thing that is ever-changing these days is technology. I couldn't count how many times we have upgraded our computers from when we first bought one in 1991. As you get more and more computer savvy and able to do things like build them yourself it is inevitable that certain components are going to get set aside for "one day" when you decide to do this or that with them. Somehow, "one day" never comes and every time you look at that ever-growing pile of "junk" you feel guilty or inadequate that you haven't built that incredible "whatever" with it. Give yourself a break, sell them on eBay or Continue reading