Is Shopping the New Religion?

Cindy's Weekly Wisdom My husband and I were in Sunday School (religous education) recently, and the speaker touched on the topic of the Christian calendar (the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, etc.) that mark the Liturgical (Church)Year. He pointed out that we used to have two main classes of holidays: Holy Days and Patriotic Days. Thus, in the United States, our seasons would be marked by celebrations such as Independence Day and Presidents' Day, as well as by religious holidays. Over time, days such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Valentine's Day got added into this mix.  More Continue reading

Day 343 An uncluttered Chirstmas

In the spirit of giving at Christmas I have compiled a list of non cluttering gift ideas. This list can also be used throughout the year for birthdays and other gift giving occasions. I have cut and pasted a list I compiled back on Day 199 and added some more ideas. If you have any other great ideas to add to the list I will be happy to include them and then make a page out of it that we can refer back when ever we feel the need. So get those good idea to me via a comment I am looking forward to your contributions. Edible Treats Chocolate/Candy Cake (provide a cake for someone's happy Continue reading

Day 342 Buy Nothing Christmas

Cindy Bogard's Weekly Post There is a group of Canadian Mennonites who, along with AdBusters, promotes a Buy Nothing Christmas While my family will not be having a Buy Nothing Christmas, we will be having a Buy Not A Lot Christmas. Each year, I’ve tried to cut back, usually with only moderate success. One memorable year, the kids got so overwhelmed by the number of gifts that we had to take a break from opening them. Good grief! Can you say “enough already!” This year Christmas comes very close to my half-year of decluttering anniversary. Having looked so Continue reading

Day 88 Greeting Card Stockpile

As I have mentioned before I do a bit of paper-craft.  For one reason or another over time I have accumulated a stockpile of handmade and shop bought greeting cards which take up valuable space in my craft area, an area that I really do need to downsize in. With fear of continuing my scrooge reputation that I established in my Day 86 blog I am now going to tell you how I intend to minimise this greeting cards situation. First of all I am not going to buy any new cards no matter what. If I don't have an appropriate card for the situation I will adapt a card I already have. I will try Continue reading

Day 86 Recycle & Reshuffle

While looking in the linen closet to determine whether there were any old towels I could throw away my attention was drawn to some rolls of gift wrap and a box of gift bags. Which got me thinking about the chest full of other gift wrap paraphernalia in the closet down stairs Now you may think what I am about to suggest is strange but I will explain my thinking as we go along. I rarely buy gifts (This is strange to most people). I live a long way from most of my family, postage costs are ridiculous and they all can pretty much afford to buy anything they would want anyway, as can I. Not to Continue reading

Day 74 Some Stuff is Just Unnecessary

Lets face it, how much does one really need oven mitts to match the season or tea-towels or aprons or door mats for that matter. All these things are purely designed for wasting peoples money. I know you are probably thinking "Bah Humbug"  but really, isn't Christmas supposed to be a religious holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus not a retail sell  fest to empty our pockets. I just hope someone gave me these oven mitts and that I didn't waste money on them myself, either way they are doing into the donation box. Continue reading