Stuff x Emotions ~ A guest post by Andréia

It seems funny to talk about emotions and feelings when talking about inanimate objects that can be replaced, but we place emotion and feelings on stuff all the time. It can be good or it can be really bad. If you have a loving memory attached to a few chosen mementos in a little cardboard box or on a shelf, well cared for and displayed in your home it is all good and fun, because those things take you to a good place and make you feel good every time you look at them. On the other hand, we, as human beings, tend to hold on to suffering and pain as well. Not only in thought but in objects Continue reading

Sentiment v Obligation

I know I have written about this subject before but it is one of those issues that are worth revisiting every now and again. Especially for those struggling with it or who have only recently started reading my blog and don't have the time or inclination to start at the beginning. I know I wouldn't have that sort of time up my sleeve. I think most people who read my blog would have a certain number of true sentimental items in their home. These items are often things like baby ID bands, a child's old teddy, the glasses you toasted with at your wedding, Grandma's engagement ring... We all have Continue reading

Cindy’s Weekly Wisdom ~ Don’t Shop for Christmas Yet

I was making my semi-monthly trip through Costco and what did I spy everywhere I looked? Christmas items! Christmas foods, Christmas wrap, Christmas decorations, Christmas gifts, even Christmas Kleenex. (Okay, let's be honest, what do you think is going to happen to Christmas candy that you bring home in September? Uh huh, that's what I thought.) Well I'm here to tell you - it's too early to shop for Christmas. I am convinced that the earlier you start shopping, the more things you buy - both for yourself and for others. You buy a book for your child and by the time Christmas rolls around, Continue reading

Unwanted Gifts

Today I am going to share with you a little story from a relative of a friend which I found most amusing. It is in relation to unwanted gifts and goes like this... One Christmas this mother whose children were grown and left home decided to do something a little different for Christmas. At sometime previously she had ceased purchasing gifts because they neither needed nor wanted anything. So prior to the Christmas in question she collected up things from around her house that the children had left behind. She then wrapped them up and put them under the tree. On Christmas morning as the Continue reading

Let go of your “should” clutter

Should is just another word for obligation. The answer to all the following questions is NO! Should I keep this in case I need it some day. Should I keep this because (fill in the blank) gave it to me. Should I keep this, even though I have more of them than I need, just in case one day I actually have to cater to a much larger group than I normally would. Should I keep this because someone made it for me. Should I keep this because, after all, everyone has one. Should I use this only on special occasions. (Everyday is a special occasion, use it often or let it go is what I Continue reading

A thought about gifts

Recall for a moment an event where you received a gift that you really wanted. The perfect give that you used and enjoyed for some time. Remember the delight at the sight of such a gift when you opened the wrapping. Can you recall how wonderful you felt in that moment? Can you also recall the gratitude you felt for the giver? That positive energy returned each time you used and enjoyed this gift, right? Now remember receiving a gift you didn't particularly want. Not necessarily something you hated, just something you didn't care about or have a use for. You were thankful that someone cared Continue reading

From the Archives ~ The Leading Question Strategy

I was digging in the archives of 365 yesterday looking for another post when I came upon this little gem. I decided to share it with you again because this strategy has proven useful, at times, in convincing my loved ones to declutter some things. I hope it will work for you. Recently I was let in on a strategy on how to state a case or perhaps even get another person to come around to your way of thinking without their sensibilities being offended. The idea is to get people to think rationally about a subject without them realising that you are leading them in a direction they may not have Continue reading

Cindy’s Weekly Wisdom ~ Doing Christmas Differently Next Year

Cindy's Weekly Wisdom My girlfriend R stopped by my house two days before Christmas, looking mighty cross. She started spewing about how aggravated she was to be buying gifts for her many family members "just to be buying them something." Her family is Jewish, and they celebrate Hanukkah as well. She'd tried to tell her brother that they shouldn't exchange gifts, but his response was "Too late. I've already bought you something." In addition, they don't drawn names or limit giving to children, so everyone is giving a gift to everyone! R was definitely not feeling the holiday spirit. Here is Continue reading

The Leading Question Strategy

Recently I was let in on a strategy on how to state a case or perhaps even get another person to come around to your way of thinking without their sensibilities being offended. The idea is to get people to think rationally about a subject without them realising that you are leading them in a direction they may not have considered. The trick is to broach the topic in the form of a question that you quite likely have the same opinion on. Once you are in agreement you steer the conversation, maybe even in the form of another question, in the direction in which you want it to go. Successfully Continue reading

Cindy’s Weekly Wisdom – Reaching into the Archives

Cindy's Weekly Wisdom I revisted the archives from September 1, 2010 for this post. It was titled "Cindy's Take on Avoiding Recluttering." This time I have published it with gift buying in mind. As appropriate, insert "the gift recipient" in place of "I" It’s bound to happen sometime; you’re going to have to break down and buy something. Before you do, consider these factors: Do I need it? Do I want it? Did I come into the store looking for this item, or did it just catch my eye? Would I be criticized if my spouse or family members knew that I had purchased this? Can I afford Continue reading