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What better time than November to hone your tidy up skills. With all the hustle and bustle that goes on around the holiday season it is always best to stay ahead of the game. So what I am proposing is that you all join me for a month of The Keep Tidy Challenge for the duration of November.

Remember last week when Mark Adam Douglass (@MADouglass) mentioned in a comment a concept he refers to as Reset. When working on a project or task he and his wife make a point of putting everything away and “reset” the space for the next task. This is not a new concept by any means, Mark has just put his own name to it. That being said it is a concept that many people neglect to follow even though is makes far more sense the the alternative.

The idea is to not walk away without tidying up after you have completed a task. For example, once you are finished eating a meal clean up after it. Don’t leave things on the table and dishes in the sink for hours or Heaven forbid days. If you pull items out of your wardrobe while trying to decide on the days attire make sure you put everything you don’t chose to wear back neatly in the closet. When you get out of bed in the morning make the bed there and then. If you go to the beach or to a child’s sporting fixture make sure you remove all the items required for the task from the car on your return and place them back where they belong.

Many of these tidy up tasks will take just a minute but may in the long run save you a lot more time. Take the wardrobe task for instance. Lets say you are in a hurry to get dressed because you are running late for work. Tossing clothes all over the place while trying to decide may cause greater delays the next day when not only are you late again but the clothes you want to wear are now scrunched up somewhere on the floor. The few minutes it would have taken yesterday to put things away could well have saved you ten or more today because now the clothes will require ironing to be acceptable to wear to work. *

Same goes for the sports or beach gear. If everything is returned to its rightful place after the previous use it will be easy to locate the next time you need it. This is mighty handy should you be running on a tight schedule.

When we are stressed, tired or in a hurry it is too easy to neglect to follow this concept but trust me you will be sorrier in the end when you can’t find what you need, have to replace an items when it can’t be found or allow the mess to build and instead of taking one or two minutes here and there you will find yourself with a task that now will take hours to put right.

So who would like to challenge themselves to adhere to the rule of putting things to rights before moving on to the next task? I am only proposing you attempt this for one month. In reality though my hope is that over that time this behaviour will stick and become a new good habit for you and your life will be changed for the better.

Always remember that continuing with the same unproductive behaviour will only ever yield the same result. That is disappointment and unnecessary stress.

For those who are adept at tidying as you go perhaps your challenge could be to throw in a ten minute challenge everyday to fine tune your already neat home. Such as clean and reorganise a pantry shelf, tidy up your utensils drawer, make sure the car is free of trash, pull the sofa away from the wall and clean behind and under it. I am sure you can find many a little task to keep you busy.

* Note ~ When it comes having mornings run smoothly it can also pay to arrange your clothes the night before. Also going to bed and setting the morning alarm a half hour earlier would do a lot to remove stress from your life.

Today’s Mini Mission

Declutter something from your kitchen.

Today’s Declutter Item

This corroded shower rose is an example of my post ~The insanity of putting up with the status quo. We went all through winter with less than wonderful water pressure in our en-suite shower. I finally decided to pull the shower arm off and check if there was a problem. As it turned out one of the joints was corroded and pretty much fell apart in my hand. This corrosion had been blocking the water supply. Needless to say the whole thing needed replacing. I have included it as a declutter item because we did in fact have a spare one in the garage. So with this one gone that is one less thing in the house.

Corroded Shower Arm

Eco Tip for the Day

Consider doing some things by hand rather than using an electrical appliance. Mix that cake by hand, tighten that screw with an old fashioned screw driver rather than and electric drill, sweep the floor rather than vacuum…

For a full list of my eco tips so far click here

It matters not how fast I go, I hurry faster when I’m slow

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Great post. “A stitch in time saves nine.” I help a lady who just dumps stuff and leaves it there. I was just thinking of this last week, that if she were to just put things right away, she wouldn’t have so much clutter and mess and would be able to find her bills, etc. on time. “A place for everything and everything in its place.” It is so much easier to find things right away when they are where they should be.

    • Hi Spandwisemom, I bet you find helping this woman very frustrating in time. I agree ~ “A place for everything and everything in its place.” ~ saves more time than it takes to maintain.

  2. Back in the Olden Days when I lived in a city and commuted to work in an office, I would choose two outfits at night – one for good weather, one for bad. When my alarm went off, way too early for my brain to be functioning, I only had to listen to the weather forecast and put on the appropriate outfit. Having few office clothes to choose from also helped.

    We’re pretty good about the ‘reset’ in most of the house but the basement is where we fall down. So, not only will it be my mission to declutter the basement, but I pledge to put things away as I go.

    • That was a smart plan for your morning routine Wendy B. My daughter is about to get some serious training in these kind of behaviour. Gotta love the military it can hopefully succeed where I failed. Unlike Liam who just walked in saying how he is looking forward to finish his uni assignment so he can tidy off his desk.

      Good luck with the basement.

  3. I love this post. It so true that if you put it back right away it saves lots of time and problems later. I’m going to be working with S on this. Her husband is really bad about dropping and never picking it back up. She is better but I plan to work on a staging area for her and a drop area for him that will make better sense. Just a small step file in one area and a small table in another will help them both. We have already talked about it and it seems to be something they will do. We will see.

    • Hi Deb J, I guess the reason S got in such a mess in the first place was because because her husband made staying tidy too hard and she just gave up. Perhaps he needs this pointed out to him if it fact it is the reason. Sometimes people are quite unaware about how their shortcomings affect those around them.

      • You are right. That’s a big reason. He doesn’t care. He has been told several times. S has gotten tired of picking up after him. She’s really ready for a change and I think I have shamed him into it in a way. We will see.

        • I hope you are right. The thing is he may not have realised that he was the problem. Sometimes people are happy to keep up lazy behaviours when those around them just put up with it. They really need it spelled out to them that their attitude is affecting not only the other people around them but their own quality of life.

          • D has been told in several ways at various times. Even our pastor has tried. He seems to have a mental block. But right now he likes what he is seeing, says he is ready to work on his things, and has even thanked me for helping.

  4. My husband is the best person I know for resetting his space. He is working on replacing a landscaping wall in our backyard and whenever he has to saw a block or brick, he will get out the tools he needs, saw it,, then put everything away. I sew and do cross-stitch and I just keep my projects out until I am finished with them. Now, I do not leave them laying on the sofa or anything but just keep them in the living room next to my chair. My husband is always after me to put everything back in their place until I want to sew the next time which makes no sense to me. I’ll be working on it later so why not leave it there. So, this will be a work in progress for me. I have recently started making the bed every morning when I get up (which I never used to do) and find that it only takes 1 minute and I love getting in a freshly made bed every night. It makes the room look better, too, so an old gal can learn new tricks. I do like to straighten up the living room before I go to bed but I’ll try the reset for other things here at home.

    • Hi Maggie I am glad you have come to realise the benefits of making the bed albeit a little late in life. As for those sewing projects, it would seem silly to move them away from where you generally work on them but if there is the possibility of setting up a way to keep them neat and out of sight in the living room I would try that. I bought lamp tables to sit beside out sofa they each have a top surface, a shelf and a drawer. These three areas are perfect to store books I am reading, my laptop because that is wear I usually use it, a box of tissues, coasters to put my coffee on, while the drawer hides all manner of things that I find useful such as my knee rug, notepaper, pen, headphones, phone cable…

  5. just the other day, my friend mentioned that I have had only those 3 items on my couch table (or coffee table as you would call it) for “OVER 6 MONTHS” – followed by this funny question: “how do you do this? my table always fills itself up” – my answer: first, own less! second, a place for everything and everything in its place. third: with those first two steps, tidying my place becomes a habit that doesnt require my brain anymore, so I can do it everyday. I dont need to think where stuff goes, because I made this decision ages ago. my place is easy to clean.

    the only thing I am really really bad at is the dishes. I think my problem results in my rule to always have an empty sink. I just dont get it why you place stuff into the sink, if you need to remove it afterwards, in order to get it clean again – thats too many hand grips for the task. and if I decide to drink tea, I need to be able to fill the kettle without touching (or even removing) ugly soaked used dishes. that results in me stacking up the dirty dishes right next to the sink – that results in towers. It really is annoying to always look at the dirty dishes, but I just dont like to do it everyday, so I leave it there.
    what I invented was a new rule for my friends, who often come over for dinner/lunch/midnight snacks. I dont mind when people are eating my food or using my kitchen, I also like cooking for them… but I hate doing the dishes and I told them that while I was fine with them coming over and everything, I really want them to help me with the ugly part of it. works fantastic, now I only have to ask myself to do it.

    I will make it a rule for november to clean my dishes right away after I am finished with my meal. when I have small meals, I have to do it at least once a day, so that in the morning my kitchen is clean enough for me to have a good start. that includes not only cleaning the dishes, but also putting the cleaned ones away. I will keep you guys posted how this works!

    • Well done you with the clear coffee table Lena.
      I understand your issue with the dirty dishes. If I had to choose my weak spot this would be it. Only when the dishwasher is full already and hasn’t been emptied (usually awaiting the man child to take care of) or in the evening when I just can’t be bothered scrubbing pans. I have been making a better effort with this lately which is what inspired this post. I hope you do well with yours and that we both form new habits of keeping the area clean and clear.

      Well done getting your friends to “earn their keep” so to speak. If they are going to take advantage of your hospitality they least they can do is clean up after themselves.

      • I like to empty dishwashers. same as getting fresh clothes into your wardrobe. same as putting books into shelves. same as filling the fridge. I like to “put things away”. its something I look forward to do. strange, I know. especially since I dont own a dishwasher anymore, I love filling and emptying them at other peoples places. they are usually quite happy about it…

        I will make it a start now, and finish the last stack of dirty dishes now before I go to bed, then get myself a good cup of good-night-tea and then go to bed. tomorrow morning will be great.

        • Lena, I don’t think it’s strange at all! Gratification is so easy on putting away clean dishes or clean clothes because it doesn’t take forever and usually one knows exactly how and where everything is to be put away. And also I think that you have to wait for it makes it so appealing. Looking at the hung up laundry for two days until it is dry makes me itch to put it away and regain the floor space in our small(isn) apartment. Same with the dishes. If I don’t want to dry them individually I have to let them dry in the open dishwasher over night and then I love to put them away first thing in the morning and put the dirty stuff that has build up til then into the dishwasher.
          If that is strange … then I am grateful to be strange because those two are the only tasks in the household I usually don’t procrastinate over …

          So yeah, Colleen, tidy month: Count me in. I definitely could do better in that field (on a regular basis and not by occasional cleanathons …)

        • I bet your morning was more pleasant.

          • I love it. kitchen is so amazing everyday. I am soooo looking forward to this being the normal standard. I will do the three items here now, before I go out and celebrate my really really good grades from my written exams.

    • Lena – dishes are a weak point/sore point in my house. I love having a clear clean bench but I seem to be the only one in my house. I swear when the kids leave home I will live on subway rather than mess up the kitchen! 🙂
      Everyone seems to leave their plates in the bench rather than put them in the dishwasher, my guess is that if they open the dishwasher they might see it needs emptying first! Unless I specifically ask someone to do kitchen duty, there aren’t volunteers. Grrrrrr!!!!!! What is more as soon as I get it tidied up, someone, usually my son, wanders in and makes himself something to eat. What is sad is that I did bring them up better than that. My husband gets around the dishes thing by making sandwiches directly on the kitchen bench but doesn’t wipe away crumbs or put things away.
      When I was growing up mum had all these notices set up around the house like “wash your own dishes” or “kitchen is closed for the night” – at the time I thought it was very unreasonable and controlling, but now I can see why she did it.

  6. This is definitely the right challenge for me!
    While I’m usually good in the morning (always make my bed, for example), the later it gets in the day, the lazier I become and I don’t always put things away.
    Let alone, clean dishes right away or put the dried laundry away as soon as it’s dried (It usually stays on the clothes rack until the next load is about to be hung up).
    So, I’m in. I’ll put everything away after usage, put laundry away when dry and do dishes after every cooked meal – and if no meal is cooked that day, at least once in the evening so that everything is fresh and clean in the morning.
    I’m not sure whether my boyfriend will be pleased with his share of extra work though. 😉 But – it’s only a month after all.

    • Hi Sanna, you have identified some good areas to work on there. And I am glad the you are getting your boyfriend on board with the mission. It gets very frustrating when only one person in the household is carrying the load of keeping the place tidy. Especially if the other is making the mess.

  7. Love this post and the mini missions this week. I am certainly going to try my best to adhere to the keep tidy challenge for the month of November, through December and from there on into the new year (I hope). The holidays can be so hectic and you never know who may visit at the last minute. Having things clutter free and tidy as you go, keeps the mad dash to pick up down to a minimum.

    I hate not being able to find what I need when I need it, and on occasion this does happen to me, and it is very frustrating, especially when it is just a matter of putting things back where they belong. Saves so much time in the long run. I am trying to get into the habit of washing up my cookware, etc. as I am cooking and done with it. There is nothing worse than tons of dishes to do after you have cooked a meal. Being prepared as much as possible the night before helps not only the adults, but certainly makes mornings less stressful for kids too.
    Having less choices (less stuff) makes it easier to pick out what outfit to
    wear too.

    • Jen – a long time ago when my grandfather died a lady took it upon herself to come and cook a meal for all of us so we could make arrangements etc, it was very thoughtful of her. She kept the sink full with hot soapy water and as she used a utensil she washed it and as soon as pots and pans were finished with, she’d wash those too, all while dinner bubbled away. She told me that was how her mother had always cooked ie cleaned up as she went. I have tried to copy that technique but I get a bit lazy. I had been thinking about it recently because dishes are often overlooked in my house and last thing at night there is steam coming out my ears because I’m having to do them. I’m also thinking about having the sink full of hot soapy water at the end of the meal and asking everyone to do their own as they bring them to the bench.

      I read recently that you can burn up to 50 calories a day if you handwash dishes.

      • Great ideas Moni. I do like the amount of calories burned but I like the idea of everyone doing their own even better :).

    • Hi Jen, half the battle is knowing what your short comings are. It seems you have worked that much out and now you are going to work on it. Good for you.
      You are so right about being organised for the morning to make it easier to manage the kids’ routine. This is crucial in order to get everyone out the door in time.

      • It has taken a little time to admit those shortcomings but now that I am embracing them it has made it easier to make those needed changes. I am getting closer to my goals every day.

    • Jen, I was raised by a mother who couldn’t stand for there to be dishes in the sink or anywhere else. We were taught to put our dirty stuff on the counter by the sink and then one of us washed and dried them and put them away. Even if a snack we had to wash the dishes. I learned early that you don’t have to fill the sink with water and soap in otder to wash a dish. Instead, when it is just one or a few we use the biggest one to wash the rest in. If there is only one we wet it, put a little soap on, scrub it with a wet sponge and run it under the very hot water again. It works great and we don’t pass around germs. We have a dish washer but seldom use it because it would take all week to fill it and Mom won’t waste water for a partial load.

      • I have a dishwasher as well and only use it occasionally. I find that it is just as easy to keep the dishes cleaned up by hand.

  8. This post fits in beautifully with the whole decluttering big picture. I think many of us don’t put things away because they don’t have a place to put them and it’s too much hassle to figure out where they might go. Before I decluttered and started sticking to it, it would be an ordeal coming back from the grocery store because there was no room to put groceries away because my pantry was already full. Same thing with putting away things like dishes or kitchen implements; now that my kitchen is decluttered, it is easy to put things back in their spot vs before it was an effort to jam them in somewhere and easier to put it off or leave it out on the counter…and don’t even mention the trying to keep the kids’ toys in some kind of order as they were overflowing- there was no place to put them except in the corner! It’s such a relief now to know where something goes.

    • What a fine example of the advantages to decluttering this comment is Henave. I understand the joy of owning less that you are feeling. Keep up the good work and you whole home will feel this good.

  9. Not only do i want to do this task/challenge, i need to!
    Just discovered I’m expecting my second baby yesterday and promised myself i would not let there be the chaos that was within my home this time around.
    Looking forward to November 🙂

  10. Hi Colleen, hubs and I were just talking about this on the weekend! We stay in town one or a couple of nights a week and usually when we get home we are so tired, that we dump our bags and there they stay for a day *or two* ……… we have decided we will make every effort to put things away when we get home. So yes I’m in with the keeping tidy challenge. Cheers Judy

  11. This sounds like a challenge that I need to take up, though getting the family on board may be the challenge in itself.
    We are particularly bad in the dishwasher, washing up department as I am normally waiting on someone to empty the dishwasher so the dirty dishes pile up.
    The lounge room is the other challenge area, at the moment there are piles of decluttered stuff waiting to leave the house that I need to work out where they are going. Also a pile of things my husband has left in various places that I am piling into one spot – he is having a week off so I will be getting him to look at that this week.
    So add me into the challenge for November.

    • Wendy W – I too need to get the family on board. As the house is looking more and more streamlined it is getting easier and easier but some people in my home have gotten a wee bit lazy lately, so this will be a good opportunity to give them a rev up.

      We had a clutter amnesty on Saturday – they could put out whaterver they wanted on the garage floor, and I will get rid of it, no questions asked, so I have something of a pile to sort out tonight.

      • aha. clutter amnesty. interesting. now you got me thinking. If I may ask: why did you do this? was there not enough decluttering going on, or was too much negotiating about items for your taste? or for the taste of your family? what was the reason behind it? or was it just a boost for everyone?

    • Hi Wendy, you and I have the same problem with the dishwasher ~ waiting for the chore doers to get to it.
      At least your other challenge area is all about getting stuff out of your house. Perhaps you could dedicate some of your month to trying to move things on more quickly.
      Good luck getting the family on board.

  12. I am totally IN!!!!!
    I have been trying to do the re-set idea since Mark first mentioned it, but I let things slide last night and boy did it irk me this morning.

    This will be extra challenging for me because October to December I sew ballet costumes for our local dancing school and I don’t have a dedicated sewing room so each night I set up on the dinning room table.

    I will have to be super vigilent about getting things done and back out the door.

    • Hi Moni, it sounds like this is the perfect time for you to be extra vigilant because you have so much on right now. Staying organised may take a little time initially but it will pay off in the long run. Good luck my friend.

  13. Lena – a clutter amnesty is where the kids can deliver to our spot in the garage anything and it won’t be questioned or made to take it back. The majority of it has come out of wardrobes, but not all.

    A lot of stuff that is on the amnesty pile at the moment is clothing, some that they’ve outgrown, some that they probably haven’t outgrown but they don’t like wearing. (I think either stuff bought under the old regime or hand-me-downs from an aunt that just isn’t their taste). There are some shoes that are uncomfortable and a box of back issues of a magazine that my daughter didn’t know what to do with them so just kept stock piling them.

    Sometimes in an amnesty there will be something that they think someone will object to getting rid of, and sometimes there is something that they might have staunchly defended last time we had a sort out.

    The irony is that I don’t have a problem with anything that they’ve put out so far.

    I think that this is allowing them to work thru the process and come to a decision themselves, and to concrete the idea that they don’t have to hang onto everything, its ok to pass things on if you’re not using it anymore or don’t want it anymore.
    (in case you’re wondering, they’re not frivolous girls)

    I think they worry a bit about seeming wasteful or ungrateful but I’m actually pleased that they’re taking the initiative themselves and am starting to see the older daughter especially getting more confident when she makes a decision about what to keep and what not to keep. These days our clothes shopping policy is to buy only what you really love and only if you actually need it. My husband has noticed a huge drop in the clothing budget this year especially.

    • great answer, thanks a lot. I think its great that you can teach your family to be more conscious about consuming and owning with little actions like clutter amnesty days.

      your comment made me rethink my shopping this year. besides the gear for kickboxing, a couple of bras and some books (scientific only), I have not bought anything but consumables. There was stuff coming in, that I didnt want to, but I also got out a seriously big amount of things. So I think I got more money in from selling than I spent on buying stuff. Now THAT is something I am really proud of.

  14. I thought I had read this on the 365lessthings blog, that you shouldn’t walk from one room to another empty handed. There is always something to be put away. So now I do that whenever I walk from one room to another.

    • Good for you Anita.

    • I’ve been doing that around the house. The boyfriend is in charge of the kitchen/collecting/washing dishes, and it is ALWAYS a mess, so now when I go to the kitchen to microwave something, I take something there, and in the 2-3 minutes of microwave time, I clean the stuff up. We only ever go upstairs to sleep during the school year, so I pile stuff on the stairs throughout the day if it needs to go up, and then someone carries it up.

      • Hi Amanda, our bedroom is upstairs too and I also pile things up at the bottom of the stairs and take it up the next time I go.

        • Our house is quite narrow but tall. So there are lots of stairs and taking something from one room to another almost ALWAYS involves stairs…

          I actually like the automatic excercise you get from this. But it also makes you think what you could take with you into that other room you’re hesding to.


  15. …slightly off topic but yet not. In the spirit of of the post title – spend a minute & save five might I add this. Spend the time to close your eye’s before putting on your glasses. I’m nursing one helluva bruised & battered eye from multi-tasking. Sitting down the same time putting on reader glasses plus talking plus trying to move the dog from under me. Ugh.

  16. Colleen – it seems dirty dishes are a theme here. With hubby & 2 daughters having eczema I always do the dishes – unless there’s enough to load the dishwasher. The Keep Tidy Challenge is definitely on in our home for November.

    Browsing the site I was intrigued by this question from you: Q. What is something that you have realised recently that had never occurred to you before about your clutter? My response is what led me to your blog a few months ago, in that it seriously never occurred to me that I couldn’t keep accumulating stuff endlessly in the limited space we have! That was a revelation to me – I’m ashamed to admit it! Now I’m well on the way to a decluttered home, inspired by your blog and clever tips like ‘slow and steady’, ‘at least one item a day’ and ‘one item in, one item out’ – or better still ‘one item in, two items out’ – that’s the only way I consider new purchases now. The buzz of getting rid of surplus stuff is addictive and it’s satisfying to see everything in order and not piled up, once a shelf or cupboard is decluttered. Many thanks for the wisdom & inspiration 🙂

    • Hi Kay and welcome to 365 Less Things. I am glad that you found your way to us and we are being of help with your declutter mission. Look on the bright side, your realisation that you ~ couldn’t keep accumulating stuff endlessly in the limited space you have! ~ was a revelation that luckily came sooner rather than too late. You could very easily have not come to this conclusion until some time after going deep into debt to extend your home or “upgrading” to a larger one. I am also glad that you soon discovered the buzz of getting rid of stuff, some people never reach this stage and every step of the journey is a painful one until they eventually give in and end up at square one. You are one of the lucky ones my friend and I can assure you the planet is benefiting as much from this as you and your family are. Consider that as an added bonus.

  17. I tried this yesterday. Came in from work, got changed into my scruffs, put my work clothes away, checked my e-mails, filed all the paperwork that was lying beside the computer. Guess what….I’ve got no nasty filing to do today but hubby is cooking the dinner………..great cook, terribly messy though. 🙂

    • I can relate Tracey, my daughter is visiting and has cooked for us for the last couple of nights. The food is great better than the feeble effort I can be bothered conjuring up these days but she does make a bit of a mess. I don’t mind though because not only have I not had to cook but I have not had to decide what we are having either and that is worth cleaning up after.

  18. I thought I was the only one who hated cleaning up the kitchen. 🙂 I have started a new regimen. No matter what time it is when I am ready for bed, I empty the clean dishes from the dishwasher and load the dirty ones. It is so much better to come downstairs to a clean kitchen in the morning. I am a night owl so some nights I am doing this at 3 a.m. but it is so worth it to not have to face dirty dishes when I am trying to get ready for work and pack a lunch. While I am not getting any more sleep, it feels like it when I don’t have to rush downstairs to do a kitchen make-over before leaving for the office. Of course, the ideal thing would be to do it right after dinner but as long as it is done before I go to bed, I am making progress.

  19. This morning I overslept. For some reason, I forgot to set the alarm last night but with a clean kitchen and lunch ready to put right in my lunch bag, it was a piece of cake to rush through dressing and run downstairs for getting my lunch and off to the office. I was out of there in less than 1 hour and still made my bed in the process. What a change from past mornings. I made it for the whole of November doing the “reset” of my kitchen every night. Even my husband mentioned that he liked seeing the kitchen clean every morning. So, it’s nearly a habit. I’m continuing to do this in December and will add one more new thing to the agenda. That will be: reviewing/reading the daily paper each evening and then putting it in the recycling bin before I go to bed. Saves trying to review the leftover papers each weekend and I am current with what is going on in the world. This will be my January “tidy” goal. Anybody want to jump in with me?

    • Hi Maggie, well done you! It really is worth creating these new good habits isn’t it. We think we are doing things the easy way when we just ignore things that need doing but in the end we create a bigger problem for ourselves with the flow on effect of our laziness. Look at how much smoother your mornings run now and today you even got a little more beauty sleep. I hope you have a radiant day because of it.
      I like your newspaper mission for January. We don’t get newspaper so I won’t need to work on that one. I best come up with another plan. Maybe I should set a monthly tidy up mission on the first of every month for everyone to follow should it be a weakness of theirs. Hmmm I must consider that.


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