Do something important today

I read this quote last week when it arrived with my latest update to Gretchen Ruben's ~ The Happiness Project ~ newsletter.    "Anything one does every day is important and imposing and anywhere one lives is interesting and beautiful." ~ Gertrude Stein The part that struck me mostly about the quote was this "Anything one does every day is important ..." which said to me ~ Whatever you do today make it something good because it is important either way. Important because no matter what you do it will have either a positive or negative effect on either you, those around you, the planet you Continue reading

Day 255 Google alternate cleaning products

Following on from Betty Jo's guest post from yesterday I simply googled "alternative cleaning products" and below I have included some of the interesting sites I found. I have also included a site seemingly from an opponent of the home formulated cleaning products movement just to balance things out. Sites with recipes & tips for alternative household Continue reading

Day 193 Public toilet clutter

You are probably wondering where on earth I am going with this post today and what decluttering has to do with public toilets. Well I am fairly sure you are going to think I have lost the plot when you are done reading this post but I just don't care. I have a pet peeve which has inspired me to start my own mini revolution here and you can either join me or not but it is something I hope catches on. I hate hand driers they take too long to dry your hands. Couple that with the fact that half the time they either aren't working properly or don't work at all it can be very annoying. Not to Continue reading