Choosing the right home for your stuff

The intention for this post is to help you choose the best way to dispose of the objects you are decluttering. Some objects will be just trash but for others you will be endeavouring to find new homes either by donating to a charity, giving them to someone else or selling them. There are often emotions involved when it comes to clutter. Finding the right home for your things can make the decision to let go a lot easier. For example it feels easier to let go if you... Know that the procedes of donating your items to charity will help someone in need. Get a little money back by selling Continue reading

My stumbling block

Sixteen months into my declutter mission and thirteen months blogging about it and I still have the odd stumbling block when it comes to decluttering. It isn't staying away from shopping I mastered that discipline very quickly but then again I was always a bit thrifty. It isn't obligation clutter because I feel no compulsion to keep things just because someone else thinks I should. It isn't bringing stuff back into the house that I had already decluttered to its departure point. I don't think in all this time that I have ever done that. It isn't I might need it some day clutter. Continue reading