I guess I have left it a little late to begin this page as there have been so many wonderful emails giving thanks for the help my blog has been to many a reader. And so often they carry with them a wonderful message of hope and encouragement to other people who may still be hesitant to begin their decluttering journey. So from this point onwards I will begin adding emails and comments to this page for those looking for a little inspiration and or proof the the slow and steady approach to decluttering really does work.


LINDA ~ So I stumbled across your website a couple of weeks ago when searching for yet another solution to my chaotic home. I’m reading from the start so I’m only up to April 2012! I just wanted to take the time to say thank you though, your approach seems to have hit a nerve with me and I’m finding that as I’m going about my daily tasks I’m finding things to either give away, trash or return to their owners. I’m taking great delight in finishing up food items, toiletries and cleaning products so I can recycle the packaging and create the longed for space in my home one item at a time.

I’m sure you get many messages like this but I think people these days are quick to tell people if they’re not happy about something but less often take the time to say a simple thank you (I’m from the UK, we like to moan!). So anyway, thank you for the new way of thinking and I can’t wait to read the rest of your posts.

Linda x