Below is a list of items that can perish over time when not being used

  • Elastic:- Found in webbing in sofas and chairs – Clothing items particularly underwear – Fitted Sheets – Bandages – Hair Bands
  • Electrical Appliances:- Especially anything with a heating element, printed circuit board or drive belt.
  • Foam linings or filters:-As in Ski Goggles – Some Vacuum Cleaners
  • Plastics:-Some soft plastics go sticky and some hard plastics go brittle.
  • Rubber:- Seals on washing machines etc – Rubber Bands – erasers
  • Leather Goods: Leather items need cleaning and conditioning on a regular basic and can go stiff when not taken care of and also mouldy if not stored properly
  • Photographic Gear:- If not stored properly mould can grow and eat into camera lenses leaving permanent scars. Films will perish and colour slides and photos can loose their colour and clarity over time.
  • First Aid Supplies & Medications: Medications and ointments go out of date and bandages perish – Eye Droppers (rubber)
  • Drive belts: Both times my clothes drier has gone into storage the drive belt froze into a D shape and made an awful clonking noise and had to be replaced
  • Glue: Items that are glued together such as shoes
  • Pens: The ink dries up and/or the ball gets stiff and scratchy
  • Batteries: Remember to remove batteries from toys and gadgets if they aren’t being used as the batteries can ooze acid and ruin the item.
  • Food: This one is a no-brainer
  • Wine: some are meant to be stored some aren’t.
  • Make-up: The oils in them can go rancid and smell bad.
  • Textiles: Clothing and other items made from wool may become moth eaten if not stored properly. (Submitted by Willow @ )

If after reading his list there is something that you feels needs adding please contact me and I will be pleased to include it in this page.