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Day 243 Memory clutter

There is one thing or actually a big group of things in my home that are looking down the barrel of being decluttered before the 365 days are up. The group in question are my old sports trophies. I have mentioned these before and still haven't done anything about them but the day of reckoning is coming. Trophies come under the same banner as souvenirs and little trinkets that serve no other purpose but to remind you of days gone by. They scream "look what I did", "look where I've been" and maybe even the sad cry of  "I'm living in the past". Personally unless your future appears dull and you Continue reading

Day 242 Cleaning Out the Closet

A guest post by - My Husband During a recent overseas business trip I read about an experiment to choose six clothing items and only use those items for a month. You could have multiple copies of each item, even a different colour counted as a separate item but underwear, sleepwear, shoes and jackets etc did not count. I looked at my standard travel wardrobe, and found two pairs of Columbia pants, four sweat-wicking golf shirts (three colours) and two pairs of shorts. Five items to which I could add a more formal shirt for those dressier occasions, and still meet the Six Items or Less Continue reading

Day 241 Admission

On July 21st Kelly was kind enough to point out to me that I had the same item decluttered on Day 152 and Day 183 and I thought today was a good day to explain how this  happened. I chose to explain this now because my husband I are flying out to Italy today for a month long vacation of exploring and soaking up the culture. "So what does my vacation have to do with this duplication" you say, well I will tell you. From day 64 of my 365 less things challenge I have been trying to get ahead of myself by a month so that when this time came I would still have something to blog each day. I knew Continue reading

Day 240 The holding area

I took a quick look around in the garage today and there is still a lot to go before I am finished with my decluttering mission. The garage has become a bit of a holding area for stuff that I haven't dealt with yet. There are things out there that will go and things out there I would like to go but are not mine to decide on. A box of snoopy toys - these are going but I'm not sure how. They belong to my son and I would love to be able to sell them on ebay and make a few dollars for him but I am not sure that this is a likelihood. A box of wooden coat hangers - we don't have enough Continue reading

Day 239 Favourite Five for Friday 27 Aug

This weeks favourite five comments My daughter on Day 232 - It would be quite difficult for her to declutter our things secretly. Both my brother and I have way too much stuff in our possession but you can bet your bottom dollar that we’d notice... Read More All the responses from Day 234 - Link to these comments here Cindy in response to Donna's comment on Day 237 - Donna, As you allude to, those people aren’t living without wordly goods; they’re just living without... Read More Deb J on Day 237 - I think we can all get carried away at times so that it helps to have someone Continue reading

Day 238 Children’s art projects

Today I received an email from Barb who had a question about children's' art projects. Here is what she wrote... How have you handled children's art projects, etc. I have a whole box of them and just not sure what to do!!!! My response was this... I have made of point of revisiting my stash several times and been more ruthless with each visit. I am now considering digitising what is left and making a disc for each child. My son was quite prolific with writing "wild" stories when he first started school and they are a classic to read over and over again so I would never part with them but I Continue reading

Day 237 Getting carried away

I know I still have a lot of stuff in my home to go through and get rid of. Stuff I have been avoiding to be quite honest because of the degree of difficulty. Now that I am almost into the last third of my year long quest I really am going to have to start to tackle these items but that is not what today's post is about. Does anyone think that along the journey of decluttering they started to get a little too intent on just purging and forget to be objective about it. You know, started getting rid of stuff that was really quite functional to them but they had gotten so obsessed with Continue reading

Day 236 Digging in the archives

I have noticed an influx of new readers recently and I would like to take this chance to welcome you all to my blog. I would also like to say thank you to all my loyal readers who have been with me for a while now. Since I am now at Day 236 and I started my blog on Day 64 there has been quite a lot of water under the bridge since I first started my blog. That is a lot of days to read if you are knew and want to read some more tips and advice and it is a lot of days that may be forgotten if you have been reading from right back at the start. So today I thought I might bring forward a few Continue reading

Dy 235 More on yesterday’s post

In response to yesterdays post I received this comment from Deb J... I don’t recommend white lies and they are still lies and can often come back to bite you. What I have done to take care of this is to say up front with people who are gift givers that I love receiving gifts but I am not sentimental about them. So if some point comes along when I no longer feel they suit my taste or have a purpose I may give them away of sell them. I think that most people who know me now know this about me. I don’t have to worry about being asked about something. I also try to make it clear Continue reading

Day 234 Handmade with love

I know this is going to be one of those posts that may evoke some interesting responses but I am going to have a go at it anyway. I think I have actually touched on this subject before and I am not sure exactly where I am going with it but today's give away bought it to mind. Some of the hardest and most guilt ridden things to declutter are items that were handmade with love just for you. Now these items are always given with the best of intentions but with the perceived added obligation of appreciating the time taken to make it for you in the first place. I recently came across one of these Continue reading