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Day 181 Listening to your inner voice

I don't know if I am interpreting "Inner Voice" the wrong way but I don't happen to agree that you should always listen to it like people often advise. I think of "Inner Voice" as that niggling little feeling inside that makes you feel cautious when faced with certain situations that you aren't to sure about. In my experience that little voice often tells lies and undermines your common sense. I have suffered from depression on and off during my life and I can tell you for sure that that little voice hasn't helped during those periods. It has come right to the forefront causing me a whole lot Continue reading

Day 180 Sentimental clutter

The item that is being donated today is a sentimental item that is kind of sad to see go.  As you know our mission at the moment is to declutter any items in our home that are not being used and are unlikely to be used in the future. The fact that this item has been unused and hidden away in my camphor wood chest for several years deems it clutter. It is the last hand crocheted item left in our home that was made by my husbands grandma. Our linen closet used to overflow with all the crocheted hand towels and face clothes that she made for us throughout our  married life. She has been gone Continue reading

Day 179 Accidental Declutter

The item I am decluttering today is a motorcycle jacket that has belonged to my husband since before we were married. He has not worn it for years. He had a set of motorcycle leathers made way back then as well and they became his protective clothing of choice. This Jacket has become an example of natural progression decluttering purely by accident. When I say accident I mean it literally. I recently tagged along on one of my husbands business trips. We had no sooner reached our destination and had a bite of lunch when we received a call from our son. We had lost control of his motorbike Continue reading

Day 178 Considerate

Today's word is... C O N S I D E R A T E Show respect for yourself, your fellow human beings and the environment... Be CONSIDERATE when shopping Constantly buying items you do not need puts a strain on the world's resources. Be CONSIDERATE to the environment To process resources to produce the items we buy puts a strain on the environment. Also the more we own the more space we need to store these items the bigger the footprint we leave on this planet. Be CONSIDERATE to family In order to purchase un-necessary items requires money that has to be earned. The more you Continue reading

Day 177 Recycle

R E C Y C L E         R E C Y C L E R E C Y C L E The Word for Today  is so simple yet so important. If you are not using something then it is just taking up space. There are so many ways to RECYCLE your unwanted goods that very little should go to waste. RECYCLE by giving things you don't want to a charity, friends, family or even a casual acquaintance. RECYCLE by selling your items on through web sites like ebay or advertise in you local newspaper or through you work Intranet. RECYCLE by putting all unwanted items made of cardboard, paper, metal or recyclable plastic in Continue reading

Day 176 Borrow

There are so many things that we keep on standby just in case we might need them. Things that take up an incredible amount of precious space in our homes. I have been giving this problem a bit of thought lately and have come up with a solution which is the word for today... B O R R O W Lets say your sister is coming to visit and she has three kids but you only have one spare queen bed. The Sister and one child can sleep in that bed but where are the other two to sleep. Rather than have spare bedding crammed into cupboards and basements you could borrow a mattress and blankets from a friend Continue reading

Day 175 Slow

As you would know if you have been reading my blog this week, we are concentrating on one word a day. Today the word is... S L O W By SLOW I mean *** back off a little *** take it easy on yourself *** take it easy on those around you *** do things at a pace that allows you to to be fully present *** give yourself time to make good decisions ***need I go on. In this day and age of "multi-tasking", over achieving, higher education and generally just keeping up with the Jones's, it is very easy to cram your life full of expectations and activities that you think are necessary to appear Continue reading

Day 174 Downsize

The word for today is... DOWNSIZE Sometimes decluttering doesn't mean getting rid of things altogether sometimes you just need to DOWNSIZE. For example here are a list of the items we have DOWNSIZED since the start of our decluttering process... We replaced a twenty something year old bulky stereo system with a new iPod docking station. We replaced an old laptop with an iPod touch so we don't have to carry such a heavy item around with us when we are on vacation. We replaced our old computer tower with a new Apple Mac Mini which takes up so much less space. We replaced a big bulky Continue reading

Day 173 Simple

Today's Word of the Day is... SIMPLE Do SIMPLE things to improve your way of life. Keep your spending SIMPLE buy what you need not things that just clutter up your space. Eat a more SIMPLE diet choose fresh ingredients that aren't enveloped in wasteful packaging. Choose recipes that are SIMPLE to create using ingredients that can be used in subsequent meals so nothing goes to waste. Enjoy SIMPLE pleasures like a walk in the park, a coffee with a friend or a wander through a museum instead of spending all your free time shopping. Keep your decluttering efforts SIMPLE by Continue reading

Day 172 Less

This week here at 365lessthings I going to focus my posts on A Word A Day. Each day I will bring to you one word and I will give you my take on how the word relates to decluttering. The word for today is... Less LESS stuff, this is clearly the main object of decluttering The LESS stuff you have the LESS time spent maintaining them, cleaning, organising etc. LESS possessions to be concerned about being lost of stolen or insured. Once you learn to stop accumulating unnecessary items the LESS money you will be wasting and the LESS impact you will make on the environment. Once you Continue reading