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Day 171 The end of the Use It Up challenge

Hi everyone, How did you all go with the Use It Up challenge? I am quite happy with my efforts, not only because I got rid of a few things but it also encouraged me to do a bit of craft.  I was excited about getting through as many "left over bits" as possible. My plan is to keep going with the challenge for myself until I have depleted a lot more of my craft supplies and a few more toiletry products. Here is the list of things I used up... A box of adhesive tabs (craft supply) The last of a roll of Terrificly Tacky Tape (craft supply) The last of a tube of craft glue A bottle of Continue reading

Day 170 Leaving it behind

I really only touched on this subject with my post Decluttering Pessimism but it seems to have evoked some interesting responses from people who have been subjected to the unfortunate position of dealing with a lost loved one's clutter. And nobody wants to be forced into the very awkward position of having to broach the subject with an elderly relative that they need to consider paring down their possessions in order to avoid this very situation. I remember when I was a child rummaging through drawers, cupboards and sheds at my grandmothers house and being intrigued with the interesting Continue reading

Day 169 Forgive yourself

I was just reading the latest post from Becoming Minimalist which is titled The Life-Freeing Nature of Forgiveness. This post speaks about forgiving others for past indiscretions and moving on. How does that relate to decluttering you ask, well let me explain. How many items do you have loitering about your home that haven't been evicted yet simply because they owe you something. You know the ones you wasted your good hard earned money on but they never lived up to your expectations. Now you just can't let them go because you may eventually come up with a way to extract their worth from them Continue reading

Day 168 What is the strangest item among your clutter

I sit here with my hands poised above the keyboard drawing a complete blank today. I have been a little side-tracked as my son had all four of his wisdom teeth extracted this morning. So due to my lack of sleep last night, sitting in hospital waiting rooms for half  a day, swapping ice packs, warming soup and serving ice-cream to him I have been a little distracted. So I am going to keep it light today and just admit to you the strangest item of clutter lurking in my home. Being as we have discussed this week about childhood clutter and in keeping with the above paragraph I think this is an Continue reading

Day 167 Take your time, learn as you go.

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that my take on decluttering is " slow and steady wins the race". One of the advantages to this approach is that you can start with the easy stuff and as time goes on you become more ruthless and eager to reduce your clutter more and more. The job gets easier as you go because what seemed like hard decisions at first become simpler and comfortable for you. Betty Jo from Joy With Less has discovered this and she recently wrote about it in her post The Little Things. Here is an excerpt of what Betty Jo wrote.. ...I have one room and Continue reading

Day 166 Childhood Keepsakes

I received a comment from Loretta yesterday and here is what she wrote... I’ve got a question for you: since your children are now grown, what advice do you have for those of us with younger kids with regard to keepsakes and clutter? Is there anything you regret not keeping for your kids, or did you (and they) keep ‘too much’ childhood stuff? I recently went through a big box full of cards my mother kept for me from the time I was born: birthday, Christmas, invitations. I had 40 years worth! Tossed most of them, but realised I was doing the same thing for my kids. It is quite Continue reading

Day 165 Would you like some adventure with your coffee

I live in a city on with a population of about 160,000. So far I have explored very little of the area and have decided it is about time I made a bigger effort to find out more about the wonderful ways to spend time in this fascinating city without it involving shopping. I meet a friend for coffee at least one day a week and usually we get together at the local shopping centre because it is convenient and there are plenty of cafes to choose from. The problem with this arrangement is that once we have finished dining there is nothing else to do there except shop. As you know I have no desire Continue reading

Day 164 100 posts and still counting

Hi to all the  people out there who read my post on a regular basis and to all newcomers as well. Yesterday was my 100th post and I am still very keen to continue. I am enjoying sharing with you all the lessons I am learning along this journey of decluttering and I hope my blog has been a help to you in turn. To celebrate this auspicious occasion my site has a whole new fresh look. I made that sound so planned but in fact I didn't know I had a "whole new fresh look" to my blog until I got home from work yesterday to find my husband had been tinkering in my absence. He did a good job though Continue reading

Day 163 Decluttering pessimism?

Disclaimer:- This story is not meant to be taken seriously but as a light hearted little anecdote which I found amusing and felt compelled to share with you. While walking with a friend lets call her Liz (you know the one who owes me a lunch from (Day 152) we were talking about  philosophical things as usual and out of nowhere she asked me a rather strange question. Now I don't what to scare anyone away from decluttering there homes, oh no no no! And I now have serious questions about how Liz's mind works but she raised a rather odd idea about a obscure possible side effect of my Continue reading

Day 162 Savour the moment

Due to all I have learned since starting my 365lessthings resolution where I have taken a relaxed approach to a job that could otherwise be quite unpleasant I am really starting to mellow and learn to savour the good feelings evoked during the process rather than just being satisfied when I am done. Through links to minimalism and inspirational web sites that I have discovered along the way I am learning to live in the moment and enjoy the process. If you approach an event with dread, determined that you will not get any enjoyment out of it, chances are it is going to live up to all your Continue reading