Day 164 100 posts and still counting

Hi to all the  people out there who read my post on a regular basis and to all newcomers as well. Yesterday was my 100th post and I am still very keen to continue. I am enjoying sharing with you all the lessons I am learning along this journey of decluttering and I hope my blog has been a help to you in turn.

To celebrate this auspicious occasion my site has a whole new fresh look. I made that sound so planned but in fact I didn’t know I had a “whole new fresh look” to my blog until I got home from work yesterday to find my husband had been tinkering in my absence. He did a good job though don’t you think. 365lessthings also has a facebook page apparently, I am not sure exactly what to do with that but I am sure I will figure it out.

The photo on my home page is of a car load of stuff I took to a local thrift store earlier on in the process. It was not the first load and won’t be the last. I hope that after the 365 days are over there will be nothing left to declutter but that remains to be seen.


Another ebay sale for $11.00

Record $11 on ebay

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Oh yeah, I love that photo at the top! Clutter to remove (except maybe the bike?)

    Congrats on 100 days!

    • Thanks Willow,
      I agree about the bike, it took some time to decide to part with that. There is a man in the city where I live that picks up bikes and bike parts from all over and rebuilds them and donates them to anyone who wants one. A special kind of fellow I’d say. I figured if i decided I wanted to ride again I would just go back to him and replace it. I gave the bike to him.

  2. The site looks great Colleen!

    I want one of those blue Willow (I think that’s the brand?) water dispensers pictured on the far right, but I’m not sure if I’d get enough use out of it, is that why you got rid of yours?

    Also, I hate to say this, but I’ve been decluttering steadily for over 2 years, and there is still ALWAYS something to get rid of 🙂

    • Hi Loretta,
      Thank you for the compliment on the new blog look I will be sure and pass that on to my husband who put it together for me. The water cooler got a lot of use back when I was playing softball every week-end 10 years ago but those days a long gone so it has sat in the garage all this time not being used.
      I imagine you are correct about that decluttering is a never ending job but I am hoping it will become more like natural progression decluttering than such a concerted effort once the worst of it is done.

  3. Hi Colleen, congratulations on the new site: it’s great.

    You may remember me, I posted a few weeks back. I have now got rid of 222 items (or bags of items) in about ten weeks. However, the momentum has dramatically slowed down as I have been through the house and am now doing my second picking over and the pickings aren’t so good!

    I LOVE how my house feels now (it was never really bad but the improvement is good).

    A big side effect is lack of interest in buying or acquiring new stuff… now, as well as the questions “do I need it” or even “do I want it”, I think “will I be decluttering it”! I have noticed a big drop in money spent.

    Once again, thanks for your inspiration!

    • Hello again Janetta,
      sounds like you are going great with your decluttering, now you can slow down to a easy pace. The lack of interest in shopping is a great thing. I have a post coming up about that again tomorrow or the next day. I think my need / want attitude is getting annoying for my friends but I hope they will love me anyway. I am glad my blog has been an inspiration to you.

  4. Loving the new look Coleen.

    Keep going – although surely you must be struggling for things to declutter soon?

    I have had a productive weekend sorting out my daughters wardrobe and giving it to my brother in law for his two girls. Feels good when you know it’s going to someone you know sometimes.

    Like a domino effect though – I’m now searching for more things to pass on.

    • Hi Anna,
      I actually struggle with finding things to write about in my blog there seems to be no shortage of clutter though.
      My daughter turns 21 tomorrow and she is coming to visit next week. She will be helping me go through her wardrobe while she is here. I can’t wait for that to be done, it one of my areas of doom.
      I see you replaced those green shoes, I hope these ones are more successful.

  5. Hi again,
    I’ve got a question for you: since your children are now grown, what advice do you have for those of us with younger kids with regard to keepsakes and clutter? Is there anything you regret not keeping for your kids, or did you (and they) keep ‘too much’ childhood stuff?

    I recently went through a big box full of cards my mother kept for me from the time I was born: birthday, Christmas, invitations. I had 40 years worth! Tossed most of them, but realised I was doing the same thing for my kids. It is quite liberating to think I don’t NEED to keep this stuff any more!

    • You know what Loretta, this is such a good question I think I will make the answer my post for tomorrow. Stay tuned. I have sent you an email regarding this, please check your inbox.

  6. Colleen, tell your husband I love the new look. It is so bright and bold, easy on the eyes, and easy to read. It looks very professional. 100 posts….what a milestone!

    • Thanks Di,
      I pass all these lovely comments on to him. I am sure he appreciates everyones kind words. He has been so helpful and encouraging with this blog (well it was his idea) and he subscribes to it himself. Unfortunately he only gets to read it when he gets home from work which is when he goes in and fixes all the mistakes I make that have been glaring at my readers all day long. I now ask him to check each post out the night before so I don’t look like such a klutz.

  7. I love the question “will I be decluttering it?”