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Day 212 Hobby clutter

About eighteen months ago now a good friend of mine opened a quilt shop. She had been involved in this hobby  for quite a while and had also worked in a quilt shop for several years before deciding to branch out and begin her own business. Being the good friends that I am I naturally offered to help her get started. First of all helping out to set up the store and then she hired me to work in the shop one day every two weeks. I had never tried quilting before but have plenty of sewing skills so I decided I should take some lessons with her so I would be more knowledgeable for the customers Continue reading

Day 211 When decluttering is not decluttering

My little girl (who is 21) is changing direction in her life and is deferring her studies to go into full time work. She is also planning on moving out into her own apartment for the first time. With this in mind I have decided to put a few items aside for her so there will be less for her to buy when all this takes place. So instead of actual decluttering they are just being moved into a holding pattern in a box in the garage for when she needs them. I don't really consider this decluttered until they have actually left my house but at least they aren't staring at me unused from the shelf Continue reading

Day 210 Another daily declutterer

I received a comment the other day from Stephanie who hadn't contributed to the conversation before. I don't know if you have noticed but I always like to jump over and check out the blogs of my new commenters to see what they have to say. Stephanie like me has begun decluttering an item a day and she is only at day seven but going well. The object of my blog today is to ask you all to go over and have a look at Stephanie's Blog and give her some encouragement. Stephanie is not new to decluttering just reading her blog it seems she started in 2009. It would be nice Continue reading

Day 209 Birthday unclutter

Yesterday  was my son's 19th birthday and what did I buy him? NOTHING. Yes that is right nothing at least not material things that linger around for years to come. Being a young person he is not rolling in cash so he received the one thing he needed, money. You may be thinking "what kind of unthoughtful mother is she not even making an effort for her own son's birthday". Well I didn't say I didn't make an effort. Before I went to work I baked him a lovely chocolate cake with yummy chocolate ganache frosting. I don't keep candles and that sort of stuff any more but I made a cute happy Continue reading

Day 208 Time to tackle the tricky stuff

For the last 207 days finding things to declutter has been a reasonably simple task due to the sheer volume of stuff that needed to go. Now it is time to tackle the tricky stuff. The stuff that so far I have avoided simply because I didn't want to make the hard decisions. Things like... Those craft items that I keep telling myself I will eventually use one day but after years that day has never arrived. Some of the sentimental items that deep down I know are just clutter that no one but me would ever want. Items that I know I don't want but have been struggling whether I should give Continue reading

Day 207 Utilizing your living spaces

After reading Deb j's write-up in yesterday's post Hiring a Professional Organizer I got to thinking about the useless spaces that are in many homes. It makes a whole lot more sense to think outside the box and start utilizing these spaces for something more practical that suits our individual lives. So often we conform with the norm and furnish our homes according to the original framework intended by the designer. When in actual fact it would be far more practical to turn a barely used room like a formal dining room into an area more suited to our own lifestyle like a craft room, an office, Continue reading

Day 206 Hiring a Professional Organizer

Recently I received an email from Deb J in which she revealed the fact that she has worked as a professional organizer. Not being one to let a chance go by I asked Deb if she would be kind enough to share her insight with us on hiring a professional organizer. She has written a very thorough post for me giving us lots of detail as to what we should expect. So set a little time aside especially if you are considering getting professional help and have a good read and I am sure you will find all the information you  need on this subject. Hiring a Professional Organizer By Deb J Cost: Continue reading

Day 205 Back to the phone book issue

Well who'd have thought that my little rant on Day 203 would get such a reaction. Luckily that means we have had some very helpful readers comment with some useful information on how we can combat the waste of unwanted phone books. Some had the details we need to cancel delivery so we avoid receiving them in the future and others had some novel approaches on other uses for them. Di in particular was being very resourceful and cheeky at the same time. I know quite of lot of my readers also read the comments so have probably already read this information but I know I don't always follow through Continue reading

Day 204 Diaries and Journals

Today I received a comment from Hannah asking for help with a decision on what to do with old diaries/journals. Here is what Hannah wrote... I have just found a box full of the journals/diaries I have kept over the years! What to do! I don't think I’ll ever read them again, and I don't know if I want anyone else reading them either, although if I’m dead, who cares?! I think I actually know the answer for me as much as I don"t want to face it, but would be interested in your thoughts, and those of your readers. Well Hannah, there are a couple of things you might want to take into Continue reading

Day 203 Phone Books

I am giving you a reprieve today and keeping my post short. I opened my front door the other day to find a pile of recycling sitting on my door step. One would think that in the 21st century that the company that publishes and distributes phone books would find a way of determining whether you wish to take possession of them before they drop them uninvited on your front porch. I know that there are still plenty of people out their who aren't computer literate and still have a need for these massive tomes.  I however am not one of them, I can easily look up what I want on-line should I find Continue reading