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Day 365 Day 365 Day 365 Day 365

Day 365 Day 365 Day 365 Day 365 You would think that I would have planned some kind of big fan fare for when DAY 365 came along but I haven't. I had given it a lot of thought over the last few months and came up with nothing. The 365th thing should be something significant but everything that left the house has been significant in it's own way. I am very happy that I made it and stuck to my resolution for the whole year. However, the exciting part is the lessons and changes of attitude that evolved along the way. The idea of 365 Less Things was to take it easy, focus on one thing at Continue reading

Day 364 Sentiment v Obligation

I know I have written about this subject before but it is one of those issues that are worth revisiting every now and again. Especially for those struggling with it or who have only recently started reading my blog and don't have the time or inclination to start at the beginning. I know I wouldn't have that sort of time up my sleeve. I think most people who read my blog would have a certain number of true sentimental items in their home. These items are often things like baby ID bands, a child's old teddy, the glasses you toasted with at your wedding, Grandma's engagement ring... We all have Continue reading

Day 363 Stick Your Toe in the Water

Cindy’s Weekly Wisdom The Fear: What if I need it? What if I want it? What if I use it more than I think I do? It’s real. I know it is. If you can’t jump in, at least stick your toe in the water. It’s fine. You’ll see. My kitchen is pretty lean and mean, but one day something got cock-eyed in the measuring cup drawer, and I had to jerk with all my might. That made me take another look at what was in the drawer. I had two full sets of measuring cups, plus a couple of unmatched cups and the same with the measuring spoons. As I said, I consider my kitchen to be lean and mean, “just Continue reading

Day 362 Key #6 to simple decluttering in 100 words or less

key #6 - Don't over think it Sometimes when we are faced with what seems like a mammoth task we tend to over think the situation. For my decluttering effort each day I just walk into a room take a look around, peek in a cupboard or too and just find something to declutter. Or I might just spy something on my daily meandering throughout the house. Over thinking can cause procrastination or worse scare you off the task altogether. If you find yourself hyperventilating at the mere thought of decluttering, STOP, and take 5 slow deep breaths clear your mind and start over the easy way. Item 362 Continue reading

Day 361 Key # 5 to simple decluttering in 100 words or less

Key # 5 Admire your handy work There is nothing like a healthy dose of gloating over what a good job you’re doing to inspire yourself to keep laboring on. Just stop every now and again and look around you and enjoy the difference you are making. Why not go back and take a quick peak in that closet or drawer you decluttered and re-organized yesterday to give you inspiration to get back on task today. I do it all the time it makes me feel good and encourages me to move on to the next step. Item 361 of 365 less things Computer software - no sooner do you load it on but then it is out of Continue reading

Day 360 Key #4 to simple decluttering in 100 words or less

Key #4 Don't reclutter while you declutter Decluttering is a complete waste of time if there is as much stuff entering your house as there is going out. Limit your purchases to the things you really have put a lot of thought into whether you will get good use out of it or if it really suits your needs. Don’t wonder aimlessly through the stores looking for stuff you didn’t know you wanted. And try to convince your friends and family not to buy you gifts unless they are consumable in some way.- Fresh flowers, chocolates, beauty treatments and the like. Item 360 of 365 less things My Continue reading

Day 359 Key #3 to simple decluttering in 100 words of less

Key #3 - Get the entire household on board I know it isn’t always easy to accomplish this one because, lets face it, you have no control over it what so ever. If you can’t verbally convince the other members of your household to comply maybe you can entice them with your success. Once they see how much more organised your spaces are and how happy it makes you, they may be more inclined to join in. When you tell them about your eBay successes and how your bank account is growing because of your retail restraint they may be convinced. Item 359 of 365 less things Yet another item hiding Continue reading

Day 358 Key #2 to simple decluttering in 100 words or less

Key #2 -Start with the easy stuff When it comes to decluttering there are always those items that are easy to part with and items that for one reason or another you feel more attached to. My advice is to start with the easy stuff. Things you know for sure that you no longer want or need. Once you start to see and feel the benefits of your decluttering I am sure you will become more ruthless at parting with stuff. By the time you are done, you will wonder why you were ever so attached to those “hard to get rid of” items. Item 358 of 365 less things I wasn't planning to get rid of this Continue reading

Day 357 Key #1 to simple decluttering in 100 words or less

Key 1 - Don't bite off more than you can chew If you are finding the idea of decluttering your home daunting maybe you are thinking too much about the big picture. Maybe you are picturing turning over entire rooms and disrupting the household. That isn't necessary. Just work on one small area at a time. Even if you want to focus on one room at a time just clean out a drawer, then another, then one side of the closet, then the other, then under the bed... Limit yourself to one hour jobs so you can easily get finished in one time period and leave no mess when done. Item 357 of 365 less Continue reading

Day 356 Decluttering Resentment

Cindy's Weekly Wisdom Audra is eight years old and a fashionista. The lucky girl gets hand-me-downs from her sister and her sister’s friend, plus she occasionally gets new clothes of her own, typically from the thrift store. Audra changes clothes many times a day (thank goodness she wears a uniform to school!) and makes some really wonderful outfits. I have been of several different minds about Audra and her clothes. Initially I would tell everyone, “Don’t buy her clothes. She doesn’t need any clothes,” etc. Then, as I started decluttering and reflecting on our choices, I realized Continue reading