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Mini Mission Monday 31 Jan 2011

How quickly Monday seems to come around. I swear the older I get the faster time flies but that might just be because I'm having so much fun. Far be it from me to keep all that fun to myself though so here are this weeks mini missions to keep you amused for a little while. I know I am generous to a fault but that is just the kind of loving and caring person I am. As an old friend of mine likes to say as his farewell salute, ENJOY! Monday - What do you have hiding behind the doors of your TV unit? It's time you took a look and declutter the redundant items. Tuesday - Cutlery drawer - Continue reading

Before and After Cindy’s Art Closet

Saturday Quick Post - by Cindy I fought the art closet, and I won. What was removed... A velvet art book 2 Idea books Some origami paper & instruction book 2 Set of glitter glue pens A package of horse stencils. All these were donated. I also gathered a bunch of little tidbits for the craft corner of the 2nd grade classroom and threw away a huge number of little bits of dry, dusty and yarn-wrapped junk. Continue reading

Favourite Five for Friday 28JAN2011

For this week's favourite five I have done something a little different. I received several comments over the last week or so from people who run their own blogs on the topic of decluttering, minimalism, self improvement or a combination of all three. I decided to combine the comments and the links and showcase what they are writing about. Take a look for yourselves. Liz's Blog - A Life Less Cluttered ----- Liz's Comment Mike's Blog - Boston Web Crew ----- Mike's Comment David's Blog - Listen feel Breathe ----- David's Comment Marnie's Blog - The Unblogger ----- Marnie's Comment Freedom's Continue reading

What’s hiding under the bed

Cindy mentioned braving the dreaded under bed clutter in her daughter's room in a comment last week. She likened it to cave exploring. I recently performed the same task on my own bed and seriously, is it any wonder I have been having sinus issues lately. The dust bunnies have been breading like rabbits under there. I pulled out.. A souvenir baseball bat from Cooperstown. An art satchel containing framing mat board. My trusty mat cutter. A large picture frame that I bought at a garage sale for $5. A box of winter clothes. I removed all the slats from the bed frame and did a Continue reading

What Kind of Clutter is That?

Before we begin reading today's wonderful post by Cindy I just wanted to wish all my fellow Aussies a Happy Australia Day Cindy's Weekly Wisdom I just started reading Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project. I was attracted to it because, well, who wouldn’t want to be happier, and also because I read that Ms. Rubin’s first task in pursuit of happiness was decluttering her closet. Now there’s an idea I can get behind! Here’s how she describes her first adventure: “When I had finished…I could see huge patches of the back of my closet. I no longer felt drained; instead, I Continue reading

Is your stuff alive or stagnant?

I received a comment from a new reader that other day and I like the way he described clutter. Here is what Mike wrote (keeping in mind that this comment was in response to my natural progression decluttering post)... I think cans of soup more than bottles of shampoo. Make a conscious effort to become aware of what sits stashed on the shelves and work your way through it. As for keeping things I don’t want or like, forget it. They go to Goodwill or Boomerangs and I repent, but I will not prolong the stagnation of clutter. The words "prolong the stagnation of clutter" really spoke to Continue reading

Mini Mission Monday 24 Jan 2011

It's Monday again and you know what that guessed it it's your favourite day of the week Mini Mission Monday. I believe it has been the cure of Mondayitis throughout the world for all my faithful readers.  Ok so I exaggerate a little but trust me when I say that I get no perverse pleasure out of setting these missions knowing full well they may morph into total clean-outs of the areas mentioned. Ok so I am lying again but believe me it is for your own good and I am proud of each and every one of you who jump in enthusiastically with donation box in hand. With that being said here Continue reading

New lease on life

Sometimes to declutter an item means to make it useful again. This pair of much loved Keens just needed a new lease on life. So I bought some Suede/Nubuck dye and revived them. At $90 a pair a person really wants to get as much use out of these as possible. Continue reading

Favourite Five Friday

This weeks favourite five comments have a similar theme - Mini Missions - I am getting some positive feedback and I wanted to share it with those who normally wouldn't read all the comments. Anne - It’s Saturday night and this week’s Mini Missions are done! Yippii!!!... Read more Daisy - Does it count if I did the mini mission all in one day (basically?)... Read more Marilyn in NM - I’ve written out my mini missions on my to-do list...Read more Jo - Hmm . . . did five of seven mini-missions last week . . . Read more Rebecca - I’ve noticed that the mini-missions take longer Continue reading

Flood victim with a great attitude

In Australia for the last couple of weeks news stories have focused mostly on the terrible flood situation in Queensland and the aftermath now that the waters have receded. One particular news story really caught our eye last Saturday night and I wanted to share it with you. In fact I want to share two stories with you because if a person ever had reason to be proud of their fellow citizens, this is it. It just makes me want to shout Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi! The first story is about how the wonderful folk of Brisbane and surrounds who weren't personally effected by the flood quickly Continue reading