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Mini Mission Monday – Item Consolidation

This week we are going to concentrate on consolidating an area of your home that seems to have somehow become scattered. Let me explain using my home as an example. When I first started decluttering there were tools all over the house. In the office, in the laundry, in the kitchen drawers and in the garage. Over time I gathered them all up and relegated most of them to the garage while keeping just the one inside tool kit in the laundry cupboard for those quick inside jobs. Tools may not be your issue maybe you have stationary all over the house, toiletries here there and everywhere, sports Continue reading

Simple Saturday – I little tidying goes a long way

Clutter has an effect on a space no matter how little or how much of it there is. It has a habit of building up over time  so you need to maintain the upper hand over it if you want to feel truly comfortable in your surroundings.  I am usually quite vigilant when it comes to clutter build up so things usually stay in pretty good shape. Below is a photo of my living/dinning area last Sunday morning when I got up. I know it looks in pretty good shape but clutter is clutter  and it would only take a couple of days of build up to become quite a mess. So I took action. The offending items Continue reading

This weeks Favourite Five 25FEB2011

This week  I have been glad to see some new additions to our fold of commenters. There have also been a few comments from some fairly recent new-comers which is also great but quite a number of our old faithfuls seem to be on vacation somewhere. Where have you all gone I am missing you. Kathleen in response to Mini Mission Monday 21FEB - Perfect! It’s funny when I finally have a chance to get back to my decluttering project... Read more Kelley in response to Mini Mission Monday - I can’t do the mini mission this week because... Read more Loretta in response to Excessive clutter...- I Continue reading

Excessive clutter is often generated by two kinds of self indulgence.

Excessive clutter is often generated by two kinds of self indulgence - Acquiring too much and Feeling sorry for yourself. Strong words I know but keep with me and I will explain what I mean. I speak from experience here so forgive me if those words sound harsh. The first part of this statement is self-explanatory by sheer definition... Clutter - a confused multitude of things; fill a space in a disorderly way. Either we have over indulged in a multitude of things we don't need to the point where we don't even use most of them or cannot accommodate them easily in our space. AND/OR . We have Continue reading

To Sell or Not to Sell

Cindy's Weekly Wisdom Back on November 13, 2010, Eve commented on Colleen’s post about selling your decluttered goods. She said: I do have an opinion on this, which is — just give it away. I picked up this attitude when I used to read the American decluttering/cleaning website called Flylady. She advised we just give our stuff to the Goodwill or other charity instead of burdening ourselves with starting a new project/hobby/part-time career of trying to earn back some money on the items we no longer want. . . It’s hard to face the fact that I may have wasted money on these items, but Continue reading

One Room Living – Tips for young adults/student

I received this request from Nurchamiel a little while back -  Do you have any tips for young-adults/students who only live in one room (studio etc.)? As I said to Nurchamiel in my response the first thought that popped into my head when I read this request was – That person that nags you about keeping tidy, sensible spending, good hygiene, eating properly etc (this person is usually a parent or older adult that has a vested interest in your future well-being. You know the one you do your best to ignore because you aren’t a baby any more and can look after yourself.) - listen to Continue reading

Mini Mission Monday – 21FEB2011

This week we are going to do something a little different with our mini missions. I want you to pick a room in your home that has a clutter issue, and this room is going to be the focus of your mini missions this week. Make a vow to yourself that you are not going to add any extra clutter to this room. Anything you use from or in it during the week you are going to put away immediately after use. Choose departure points for your decluttered items, some will go in the trash some will end up in the recycling bin while others will be donated. Make sure your donation departure point is in an Continue reading

Simple Saturday – Cindy’s Desk

Saturday is fast becoming a confession day for Cindy but if she is willing to keep sending me these pictures who am I to not use them.  I am quite willing to take anyone else's confession if you are willing to send me your before and after shots. I promise I will be kind and not allot too much in the way on penance, maybe a couple of extra mini missions. The before shot of Cindy's desk Putting things away when you are finished using them is not always easy to do when you have two children and a husband to care for and a part time job. At some point though the mess will catch up with you Continue reading

Friday’s Favourite Five 18FEB2011

The five comments I chose to share with you all this week Anne in response to Creating Enthusiasm by Changing your Thinking - Another important issue with decluttering is the support from others...Read more Cat's Meow in response to Decluttering Anxiety - I used to be like that too. Trouble finishing the task... Read more Jo in response to Space Solution -  The thing that most amazed me about this process was... Read more Nurchamiel in response to Simple Saturday - That reward-system sounds good, but I think I will try to do it without... Read more Jo in response to Try!!!! Continue reading


This post was inspired by Pamela from Magic Meadows. While visiting her blog the other day I noticed the following admission on her front page... My word of the year is TRY. I give up too easily, I don't start because I think I'll never finish, This year if it looks interesting, if it looks worthwhile, if it's something I always wanted to do, well, this year I'm going to TRY My first thought when I read this is that 'not starting because I think I'll never finish' is the way a lot of people feel when their homes get to a point where they can't see the surfaces for the clutter. Continue reading