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This week  I have been glad to see some new additions to our fold of commenters. There have also been a few comments from some fairly recent new-comers which is also great but quite a number of our old faithfuls seem to be on vacation somewhere. Where have you all gone I am missing you.

Kathleen in response to Mini Mission Monday 21FEB – Perfect! It’s funny when I finally have a chance to get back to my decluttering project… Read more

Kelley in response to Mini Mission Monday – I can’t do the mini mission this week because… Read more

Loretta in response to Excessive clutter…– I definitely suffer from lethargy, being a naturally idle person… Read more I loved this response from Loretta simply because she was so up front about her idle streak and I like people who are honest with me and with themselves.

Jayme in response to To Sell or Not to Sell – Great post! I learned the hard way of using a site like Craiglist… Read more

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Here are the five post or web sites I enjoyed reading this week. I hope they are useful or inspiring to you.

Psychology TodayThe procrastination equation/201101/crazy-procrastinating maybe

Slow Simple ConsciousWhen-did-shopping-become-a-verb?

Listen Feel Breathe – Can-one-word-change-an-entire-mindset

Small NotebookLoosen-the-grip-of-more-stuff

1000 Awesome ThingsUnpacking-the-last-box

Today’s Declutter Item

Magazines for the recycling bin. I no longer subscribe to magazines for two reasons 1.) They can be hard to part with ounce they enter my house. 2.)They are just far too expensive here in Australia. The price was an instant cure for my craft mag fetish.

Magazines 25FEB2011

I am grateful from anything that brings me joy. Below are five things that gave me joy today.

  • Treating a friend to lunch for her birthday and giving her one of my handmade cards.
  • Hearing the magpies warbling as I drank my first cup of coffee this morning.
  • Choosing two items out of my wardrobe today that I had never thought to wear together before. They matched perfectly and I can’t  think why I hadn’t thought combined them before today.
  • Getting a phone call from my girl telling me she got a pay rise today because she is doing a good job. It is nice to know that there is at least one boss left in Australia who knows how to treat his valued staff. I am also pleased that my daughter has a good work ethic.
  • Google maps – There is go much to discover about your city before you even leave your lounge room.

It matters not how fast I go, I hurry faster when I’m slow.

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. You would be so proud of me. 3 more pieces of clothing out to charity today!!! Thanks for the inspiration…


    • Hi Bobbi,
      with the difficulty you have finding clothes to fit your tall frame I would have thought your clothes would be threadbare before you were done with them. What access to charity donating do you have in your little village in France?

  2. David | Listen Feel Breathe

    Hi Colleen,

    Thanks so much for the link to my post about “probortunity”. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I hope it inspires others to look at life’s problems in a completely new way.

    I’ve found that my whole attitude has been changing to a more positive perspective since I have discovered this word 🙂

    • Hi David,
      it was my pleasure as always. It would be a shame not to draw as much attention as possible when someone has something to say worth listening to. And you are right why dwell on the problem rather the revel in the opportunity.

      • I loved the post on probortunities! It is a wonderful way of relooking at life and what it throws at you. Colleen – thanks for sharing it, and David – thanks for writing it.

        • Hi Donna,
          it was my pleasure. I sent a copy of this comment to David in case he doesn’t get back here to see it. I am sure he will love your feedback. By the way it is nice to hear from you, I hope you are doing well.

        • David | Listen Feel Breathe

          Hi Donna, thanks for your comment 🙂

          It is a wonderful thing to be able to view the challenges that life throws our way as probortunities. There is so much opportunity in life we must make the most of every time.

          • David | Listen Feel Breathe

            And Colleen , thanks for sharing this comment with me. I love to hear that I have been able to inspire others in some way 🙂

  3. Hi Colleen,
    I’ve been mostly on vacation because well, I was on a little vacation to San Diego. Now that I’m back home, I’m catching up with your blog and with more decluttering and mini-missions.

    • Hi Willow,
      I am glad you are back. I can always tell when you are away and I miss you. I hope you had a lovely time and came home healthy and refreshed.

  4. Excellent links – again!! Like ’em all.

  5. Great links, as always! I’ve had one of those weeks when it feels like no matter how fast you run, you still don’t get everything done. I’m looking forward to be able to sit down, have a cup of hot chocolate (very hot one because it’s till -20C here) and catch up on your blog. 🙂

    • Hi Anne,
      thank you for spending your down time with me I hope you find my blog relaxing and entertaining. -20C my goodness that is cold. I have never experienced weather that cold and have to desire to. I am sitting here tapping away on my keyboard waiting for a pot to tea to draw. It is 9:40pm and it is a balmy 23.5C outside. I haven’t set up any little tidbit for Simple Saturday tomorrow because the server crashed today and I haven’t been able to arrange anything so I had better get my finger out and get started. Goodnight and hopefully there will be something to look at @365lessthings tomorrow.

      • It’s always relaxing to read your blog. It’s the time after reading the blog that is sometimes not so relaxing. 🙂 I never seem to be able to clean just one drawer, I usually end up decluttering the whole chest of drawers.

        When I was a student, I had a summer job in USA (and in Australia too!) and I used to “entertain” the students from warmer countries by going inside a walk-in freezer (I worked in a restaurant) with only a t-shirt and shorts on. They thought I was mad, but with +40C outside, the -18C in the freezer made me feel like I was at home. 😀

  6. Hi Colleen,
    I haven’t been on vacation, but just busy. Winter is the time of year I spend decluttering the most; then I have a garage sale in the spring. Picked up a new part-time job and this is tax season in the US….need I say more!!!? I have been reading your blog, sometimes a whole week at a time, when I have a chance, but I don’t have much time to comment. I tried to get on your site last night, but I couldn’t get access –kept getting an error message. You’ll be glad to know that I went through my VHS and cassette tapes this morning and found some information on how to recycle these items at Hope this helps anyone else looking to recycle these items.

    • Hi Di,
      I am glad you have been keeping busy decluttering and I hope you have a very successful garage sale in the spring. I sympathise about it being tax season I know how complicated that can be. When I lived in the US I was classed as a Non-resident Alien, sounds rather creepy doesn’t it. There was a glitch in the blog server yesterday but all is well again now although I did write a post for today and scheduled it to post this morning but it disappeared overnight. Not Happy!! Thank you for the link you have now inspired me to start a Guide to Recycling where I will post links to websites that feature ways to recycle otherwise useless items.