More craft supplies out the door

Papercraft Supplies It seems there will always be crafting supplies to be decluttered from my stash. I still make all my own greeting cards, so the stash is still used. However my desire for simplicity and space has me revisiting my supplies on a regular basis to determine if there are things that I can do without. I get more and more ruthless with every pass. I like to keep lists of things to do and one such list is things to consider decluttering. Paper supplies get added and crossed off that list over and over again. Other craft items often find there way to the donation pile as I am Continue reading

Outgrown items

Thomas the Tank Engine puzzle This jigsaw is too easy for my grandson. He is a bit of a jigsaw prodigy. He was never very interested in it either, because it doesn’t have a dinosaur theme. Thomas the Tank Engine just doesn’t cut it for him. Ha ha! There is only so much room in my apartment for stuff so anything that he has outgrown has no place here, especially when new things come along. My grandson recently had a birthday and I bought him a new dinosaur jigsaw puzzle and some LEGO which remains in my home for his entertainment when visiting, which happens often. So out with the Continue reading

Useful but underused

All of the items above were once of use to me but have been languishing in my kitchen cupboard unused for a while now. The little glass jars would be more useful to me if it wasn’t for the fact that they came into this house as candle jars and the smell has lingered. The carafe was replaced some time ago by smaller bottles with stoppers. The keeper cup had a top that, from the get go, dribbled down the front of ones shirt every time it was used. I accidentally broke the pestle that went with the mortar and you can’t replace one without the other. And the saucers just don’t get used. Continue reading

Didn’t suit my needs

I picked these bobbin clips up for next to nothing at my local thrift store. I figured that for all they cost it was worth checking them out as an organisational tool for my sewing threads. Well, they just didn’t work out for me so they can go back where they came from. I am not sure what sewing machine bobbins they would work for because although bobbins vary in shape, to my knowledge, they are all a similar size. These clips would not go through the hole in mine. It was worth a try and the dollar I spent on them went to charity. Maybe someone else will purchase them and the charity will Continue reading

Comfort is key

Despite the fact that I have made good use of this shirt, over six plus years of ownership, it is heading to the thrift shop. It is an awkward cut and fabric combination which, in turn, renders it an awkward fit. Not so awkward that I didn’t wear it but awkward enough that I no longer wish to own it. I just really don’t want clothing that isn’t completely comfortable anymore. I am not a fashionista, I am a middle age woman who just wants to be comfortable. As the seasons change and I move last season’s clothes to the storage box and this season’s out there will likely be more Continue reading

Pay it forward

My husband found these Nike runners, new in the box, by the recycling bin on our level of our apartment building. They were my size, which was convenient. However I wore them about a dozen times but they just weren’t comfortable for me. I could sell them secondhand for a good profit on Facebook Marketplace but decided to pay them forward and sent them to the thrift shop where the proceeds will go to charity. It is always easier for me to let go of items that were cheap of free in the first place. And especially when they didn’t suit me. Continue reading

Grandmother Stuff

These are some items my grandson has well and truly outgrown, so off to the thrift shop they go. It is always good to have a few items on hand when one has grandchildren because sometime they visit for the day and then con grandparents into staying longer😊. These items probably should have been culled sooner, but he has such a little bum that they would do in a pinch. So I had tucked them away in the linen closet and forgotten about them. He is about to turn five and was toilet trained a long time ago so off to the thrift store they go. Continue reading

Old and worn

Still functional but old and very shabby. I removed the buckles and zipper, that I could use for crafting another bag, and threw the body of the bag in the bin. I have another similar bag anyway. I always find it more difficult to dispose of items that have served me well but my desire for limited clutter overrules the urge to keep such items. Continue reading

Job done and about time

I have had some secondhand stools and fabric stash to reupholster them for some time now. This week I faintly put the finishing touches to the last stool. They came up pretty well and this bin full of trash is the last of the cast off pieces and out to the bin they go. The old fabric samples I used to cover them had been around here for quite a while so it is good to finally use them. The hardest part of the job was the procrastinating but I decided to trust my limited upholstering skills and tackle the job and now at last it is complete. This lot is for the trash And here are the Continue reading

Handbag Detritus

I may have a lot of decluttering experience but I still seem to accumulate detritus in my handbag. Those tissues are clean by the way but have been in there for some time and probably picked up all manner of germs from hands going in and out of the bag. It was time for a clean out. Continue reading