Didn’t suit my needs

I picked these bobbin clips up for next to nothing at my local thrift store. I figured that for all they cost it was worth checking them out as an organisational tool for my sewing threads. Well, they just didn’t work out for me so they can go back where they came from. I am not sure what sewing machine bobbins they would work for because although bobbins vary in shape, to my knowledge, they are all a similar size. These clips would not go through the hole in mine. It was worth a try and the dollar I spent on them went to charity. Maybe someone else will purchase them and the charity will double the profit. Either way I have regained a little space.

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. I can understand why they didn’t work. I looked on Amazon and the ones I saw there are different. They have the heart end but the other end is two thin pieces that aren’t fused together. I’m not sure that they would work well in the holder my mom had. I had never seen them before. They must work for some people because there are pages of them out there. I agree with you about taking them right back. Who wants something you don’t use hanging around.

  2. Like you, i have found if something doesn’t work to get out of house right away. Returning to store or donating, usually just donate unless an item costs at least $20.

  3. COLLEEN, I like the title! I had not thought of items this way. Several years ago I was gifted a set of travel toiletries bags that were just so neat. The kind with 4 removable triangle compartments inside that folded up into a compact rectangle with carrying handles. Such a neat concept, but it just didn’t work for me. I guess because it was such a clever idea, I had not donated them till last week when a friend said they were perfect for HER needs! Glad to see them go!

    • I understand what you are saying here. I too am impressed at times with the ingenious concept of items, but if they don’t work for you they just aren’t for you. I have learned to be sceptical of such things now and really think about them before deciding to purchase. More often then not I talk myself out of buying. That is why practical items generally do not make good gifts. What works for you often doesn’t suit someone else.

  4. I too have found that getting something out of the house that’s not working to be helpful and very satisfying. Love your posts of late. I keep the tabs open and look back through to stay aware and motivated.