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Simple Saturday ~ Key mini mission

Moving from house to house, changing cars, motorbikes and furniture results in the accumulation of redundant keys over time. The time has come again to purge those keys that we recognise but no longer need and some that we have no idea what they belong to. There is always that element of ~ I hope there isn't a locked box somewhere that I am about to through away the key to ~ but if we haven't discovered that locked box in the last three years I don't suppose it is going to miraculously appear next week. And even if it does how important can it be. Now that's better! It may just be Continue reading

Friday’s Favourite Five ~ 29Apr2011

There is so much to be learned from your fellow readers at 365lessthings. There are as many great tips and ideas and encouragement that goes on in the comments section as there is in the posts themselves. But if you don't have the time to read them all every Friday I am happy to choose five that I would want you to miss. Here are this week's five... Andreia in response to Becky's comment on My stumbling block ~  Hi Becky! Don’t save the clothes... Read more Deb J ~ We recently had a craft and craft supply sale here in our community...Read more Eve in response to Your responses to Continue reading

Your responses to Tuesday’s post

I know that many of you have been reading all the responses to the ten questions on Tuesday's post but for those who don't have that much time here are a selection of the responses that I really enjoyed or thought carried a good message to share with you all. 1. Q.  What do you think has been the main cause of clutter build up for you in the past? (This could be more than one thing) A.  Jude ~ People died or moved away and left all their stuff here. A. *pol ~ Time: the more time that goes by the more we have acquired. Kids, they are amazing at accumulating at an alarming rate Continue reading

Hiring a Professional

Cindy's Weekly Wisdom ...with help from Amy Brady, Owner, The Clutter Consultants Sometimes you feel that you'll never get finished if you just declutter one item a day, or you feel so desperate about your situation that you need a radical change, and you need it now. You might be overwhelmed and emotionally bogged down by your clutter, but a professional organizer is not. Getting an outsider to help you form a plan of action, motivate and lead you through the steps of the organizing process is an essential launching point for many people. Back on day 206, Deb J wrote a post about her Continue reading

Five questions for you and five for me

Today's post is short and straight to the point. I have laid out ten questions, five about you and five about me. I would like you to read, think about then answer them either privately to ponder on or in the form of a comment so we can discuss them between us. Maybe we can learn a thing or two not only from the answers but from the discussion they generate. There are no correct answers to these questions and some may even be irrelevant to you so just  answer them honestly. Here are the questions. For you What do you think has been the main cause of clutter build up for you in the Continue reading

Mini Mission Monday ~ Long time clutter

Today is ANZAC day, the anniversary of the landing of troops from Australia and New Zealand on the Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey, in World War I on April 25, 1915.  ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. Before we begin today I would like to ask you to devote one minute of silence in respect of the members of the Australian and New Zealand military who have served and died in in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations throughout our history. For this week's mini missions I am going to encourage you to declutter some of those items you have been clinging on to Continue reading

Simple Saturday – Cindy’s Shed

Even a major clean up can be fairly easily managed if you don't try to bite off too much at once. In this case, it was time (way past time) to clean our shed, which had not been attended to in the nine years we've lived in our house and which, in fact, contained items left behind by the previous owner. I spent a month working on it, once or twice a week, and never for more than an hour, except for the extremely pleasant afternoon I spent decluttering five bags of mulch and compost and some ground covers on a flower bed I enlarged. Here's how I approached this task. Unfortunately, we are in a Continue reading

Friday’s Favourite Five ~ 22APR2011

Once again there were plenty of great comments to choose from this week I could easily have chosen ten or more but five it is... okgirl in response to Repeating the same action... ~ Thanks for the kick in the pants! I love *reading* about decluttering...Read more Di in response to The Mysterious Case of the Tottering Stalagmites ~ Katherine, what a great and timely post... Read more Liina in reaponse to Mini Mission Monday - Give yourself permission ~ Great stuff this week! I had a lot of success last week... Read more okgirl in response to Mini Mission Monday... ~ Overcast and Continue reading

My stumbling block

Sixteen months into my declutter mission and thirteen months blogging about it and I still have the odd stumbling block when it comes to decluttering. It isn't staying away from shopping I mastered that discipline very quickly but then again I was always a bit thrifty. It isn't obligation clutter because I feel no compulsion to keep things just because someone else thinks I should. It isn't bringing stuff back into the house that I had already decluttered to its departure point. I don't think in all this time that I have ever done that. It isn't I might need it some day clutter. Continue reading